Affairs: Robert Wagner & Dennis Quaid

Affairs: Robert Wagner & Dennis Quaid

He was the star of Hart To Hart, he was Dr. Evil's original Number Two, and he was a good-looking dude in his day. And now he wants to tell you all about his life and his love in Pieces Of My Heart. Sure, he's no Robert Evans but there's some kooky stuff and some sad stuff, like the untimely death of Natalie Wood.

ABCNews excerpts the book's fifth chapter as part of their fealty to Good Morning America. He had some good times. One of the book’s biggest shockers was his relationship with Barbara Stanwyck. Barbara Stanwyck was a good 23 years older than young master Wagner back in the 50's. Evidently, she was a bit of a firecracker (in the parlance of her time) and a little too much for 1 man, like Angelina Jolie, we suppose. This affair went on for 4 years but their work schedules got in the way or possibly he wasn't young enough any more for that old cougar (per the LA Times). Interesting stuff. "Hey, you must have been something before electricity."

While we're at it on the secret affairs tip, Meg Ryan says that Dennis Quaid was not so innocent in their split back in 2001. Nor was Russell Crowe to blame. The answer is both less and more nuanced than all that. According to E!Online (and Meg Ryan), Dennis Quaid strayed (heh?) during their 10-year marriage which really didn't come to light until after the couple was divorced. Furthermore, the marriage was basically over when she fooled around with Russell Crowe following their turn together in Proof Of Life. We're just glad that Meg Ryan straightened all of this out. We've spent the last 7 years bitterly cursing Sally for nothing and hoping for an sequel to Innerspace. Live and learn. We hope she gets out on her plastic surgeon next. And then she can ride on Drew Barrymore and Kate Hudson for biting her rom-com steeze without properly acknowledging her (like when celebrities don't nod when they see each other in the airport, it's rude). It was big on her part not to mention that other stuff when she confessed Dennis Quaid's infidelity.

Sure, SAG has a retirement fund for actors but it seems like someone should establish a 'keep your memoirs to yourself fund.' This way celebs could avoid embarrassing tell-alls when they need some extra pub or scratch. They call up the fund with their grievance, the fund sends them a small check, and then a writer comes by to turn the tale into a fictionalized account of the incident. The celeb gets a creator/co-writer credit on anything that comes out of the story and can rest easy that the other side "knows what they did." This may give the actors and writers a little synergy against the studios for the next round of negotiations when their current contracts expire (we are not smiles times, my friend).

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