Aging 'Friends' Star Goes Back For More Heartbreak


Jennifer Aniston just can't keep away from John Mayer. What does she see in him??

OK! Magazine is reporting that Jennifer Aniston, who is nearly 40, spent Thursday night at the home of her most recent ex, the singer John Mayer. After a few weeks of desperate calls by Jen to John begging him to take her back, it seems they found an opportunity to rekindle at a concert in New York, followed by a shared flight back to Los Angeles. And now, for the first time, she's spent the night at his house (his very, very messy, dodgy bachelor pad -- the two previously stayed at her cleaner, more grown-up, more fabulous home).

At which point has Aniston jumped the shark? Her attempts to replace her lost love to Brad Pitt, with the likes of Vince Vaughan, Paul Sculfor (now with Cameron Diaz) -- not to mention also possibly Owen Wilson, Jason Lewis, David Spade, the list goes on (as it has been pointed out, Jen has been linked to anyone and everyone in Hollywood) -- have been over-chronicled and it surely can't be that, since she's gone through SO MANY boyfriends, that she just picks the wrong guys. Get a shrink, Jen! Something is wrong with you. And if you don't fix it -- and if you don't make some break-out films -- you will simply be famous for being desirable but, well, not desirable enough to rein them in. An aging also-ran actress.

So could Mayer be the one for real? He seems to be able to keep Aniston interested -- though it seems to be in an unhealthy, emotionally-unavailable way -- so she'll probably stick around.

What a disappointing ending that would be to the fairy-tale story of the beautiful princess dumped by the evil prince, looking for her new prince charming. That hardly describes Mayer.

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Laura Rich