October 16 Is National "Ex Day"

October 16 Is National "Ex Day"

Ex List promotion gives license to reconnect with an old flame.

Thanks to the marketing minds behind new CBS show The Ex List, October 16 has been fingered as the national day to reconnect with an ex.

The gist of the show, which premiered last Friday, is that main character Bella visits a psychic who tells her she's already met and dated her soulmate and future husband. So, High Fidelity-style, Bella goes off on a (presumably) seasons-long chase to revisit her exes and find her match. In reality, getting in touch with an ex is akin to rocking the high-waisted fashion trend, it's either a really good or really bad idea.

If you are the woman who successfully sued her ex for leaving her at the altar, you should not get in touch with him. Same goes for the German farmer who cut all possessions in half after splitting with his wife.

On the other hand, breaking up isn't always the crystal clear decision we wish it could be. In some cases, taking up unfinished business pays off. Take Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, for example. They reunite practically every other Wednesday and that seems to go well for them.

One curious note: October 16 is the day after Mercury comes out of retrograde, which is an astrologically charged time that makes us finish old projects we may have set aside, reconnect with old friends (or lovers) and generally reflect inwards in all sorts of over-analytical, non-action-oriented ways. Maybe the "Ex Day" strategy is to mull over the idea of reconnecting with an ex until the 15th but wait to take action until Mercury's fingers are out of the pot on the 16th.


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