5 Men Reveal What They Learned From Their Ex-Girlfriends

5 Men Reveal What They Learned From Their Ex-Girlfriends

Their love may not have lasted, but the upside: they gained a life lesson!

Although things with their ex-girlfriends didn't go so well, they still taught these guys something.

1. "Bargain shopping! I used to spend a ton of money in malls. Now it’s DSW for shoes and outlet malls for clothes. She helped me spend my money a little more wisely." – Thomas, 27, construction management consultant 

2. "I used to drip water all over the floor after showering. My ex explained how to brush off my body before I grabbed a towel. I even shared the ‘Jessica Dry Brush’ with my nieces and nephews." –Andrew, 34, project manager

3. "She introduced me to The Nile, a Middle Eastern restaurant in New Jersey where singers and belly dancers perform. I still go with my friends." –Sharbel, 24, financial planner

4. "The night before I took the LSATs, she gave me No. 2 pencils that were already sharpened, then dulled down, so I could fill in the bubbles quicker. That was incredibly thoughtful." –Ryan, 22, neuro-science student 

5. "Reggae. I used to listen to [Bob] Marley on my own, but she and her brothers got me into esoteric reggae like Black Uhuru and Sizzla. I still listen to it."–Anuj, 29, psychiatrist

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