Vacation Sexy


Steve and I took a long-week-end-sans-kids vacation last week. It was wonderful. Steve and I vacation well together, mostly because we make it a point to have no agendas. There’s no pressure for me to do what he wants and vice versa.

I’m completely o.k. going to the shops without him if he’d rather nap or read. On the other hand, if I join him for a bike ride, there’s no pressure to go further than I want. (Well, o.k., a little pressure, but he backed off.) There are the things we know we both love to do together, so we try to take time each day to do that as well: hike, eat, sit in the sun, explore. Oh yes, and vacation sex. (I blogged about this a few months ago, and I’m back at it.)

Speaking of vacation sex, I always make it a point, when traveling without the kids, to pack a few sexy, bedtime (or middle of the day, why not) outfits. We all know that men are visual creatures: the sight of “sexy” revs their engines. So, I indulge him.

I don’t know about you, but it is a very rare night (day? Why not? Ha!) that I slip into something-more-comfortable (comfortable? what a misnomer) at home. You know, you’ve got to feel sexy to pull it off and after a week of work, hauling kids, cleaning, cooking (you know the drill), I rarely feel sexy enough for the, ahh, well, basics. (Not to knock the pleasure of the basics.)

With our hectic schedules, romance and “sexy” is so often pushed to the rear burner. One of the first things to go, quite frankly. So I think it is hugely important to make it part of our vacationing: put squarely on the front burner. While on a trip, I take advantage of the slower pace, the drinking of wine, the great meals, and a lot of teasing and canoodling, to heat up my engines enough to actually feel sexy. Sexy enough to slip into that hot lingerie. (Aside: Next time you see a great piece of lingerie on sale, buy it and stow it for your next couples get away.)

I guess it’s not just an indulgence for the man after all, because it feels so good to feel sexy, doesn’t it? To believe you have sex appeal.

And it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

I hope you have time yet this summer for a quick week-end get away with your spouse. (and time to go shopping first!!)

This concludes another view from my married life.