This Week's Horoscope Brings *Conflict* For 3 Zodiac Signs From October 24 - 30, 2022

Life spirals out of control sometimes.

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It's all about knowing when the moment is right during this week's horoscope, and this falls heavily into the communication department. We either say what's on our mind and hopefully do it 'nicely' or we say too much, lose all sense of discretion, and blow whatever opportunity we have.

It's a precarious week for some zodiac signs; so much is at stake, and we really need to think things through before plowing into something that needs to be thought rather than action.


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Because we start this week out with Moon square Pluto, we're automatically looking at conflict. With Moon's conjunction with Mercury adding on its own special touch, we can almost assume that the conflict we may be entering has to do with words and expression.



We may also be dealing with someone who is a little too sensitive, and we have to figure out whether or not offending them is worth it. This implies that we feel compelled to override someone else's 'orders' because we don't see them as fair. This is the basic flavor of the week for some of us. We will do a lot of wondering this week, in terms of 'how does THAT person have control over me?'


We are going to be less than satisfied by the treatment we receive from a certain person in our lives, and when it hits us that we don't have to take it, we will pursue alternate means and we will free ourselves from that person. It's going to take guts and nerve and will more than likely be nerve-racking as well.

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The three zodiac signs with who see conflict in their weekly horoscopes for October 24 - 30, 2022:

1. Aries weekly horoscope

What makes this week rough for you, Aries is that you have a zillion and one fantastic idea and no way you can express the depth and importance of these thoughts...or anyone to tell them to. In a way, it's not so much of a rough week as it will be a frustrating week, in terms of communication...or rather, the lack of it.

You need people to get on board with something that you've come up with, but you can't seem to get them all in one room, and besides, nobody is interested in anything other than their own concerns, this week.


You suffer from knowing too much and having very little in terms of an outlet for your vast information haul. You want very badly for someone to take you seriously because you know you can affect lives in a positive way. Patience will demand much of you, and you may not feel too patient this week.

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2. Cancer weekly horoscope

With Scorpio season immediately at hand, you might feel a little more impatient than usual, and that's a tough call for you because you are generally pretty patient. There is going to be a situation at work this week, and you'll be able to see something that no one else can see.

You are looking for the positive side to this chaotic thing that happens at work, and yet, there is no one there to listen to your idea. You might end up feeling alone and dejected; it's not serious, but it puts you off.


You may even feel like rebelling, as your attitude of kindness and patience will wear thin. When you aren't being supported by friends or co-workers, you feel attacked, and isolated.

There will be a few mundane aspects to this week that will absolutely set you on an emotional rampage. You may get your feelings hurt, but nothing will be personal. There's nothing you can't get past this week, even if it hurts.

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3. Aquarius weekly horoscope

There's no reason to panic over any of the events of this week, Aquarius, though it may be hard to stop you, as you discover something that was left undone...something that desperately needs your attention now. You could kick yourself for not tending to this, but you know that's how you get.


You become overwhelmed by activity and then you call a 'timeout' on yourself, but if you let things go for too long a period of time — as you have — then you are surprised to find that they're still there, still waiting for you to tend to them.

This week has you backtracking on many things, all of them materialistic. Don't be surprised either if you do some housework, like a major clean-up or something that needs construction. Chaos rules during the week, but it will also put structure into your life, as needed.

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