The Spooky Legend That Resonates Most With Each Zodiac Sign

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Everybody knows at least one ghostly legend, one you probably heard when you were a child or around a Halloween bonfire. Or maybe you happen to know of a local haunting that everyone avoids in your town or city... other than teenagers with something to prove and YouTube ghosthunters.

Well, the following ghostly legends will surely put a shiver down your spine and make you look over your shoulder at least twice tonight — and they're curated according to your zodiac sign.

Here's the spooky legend that resonates with each zodiac sign.

Aries: Slender Man

All legends start somewhere, and the story of Slender Man is one of the first major legends spawned from the annals of the internet. If that's not Aries spirit, we don't know what is.

According to the 'creepypasta', the Slender Man is at least eight feet tall, is incredibly skeletal and slender and has no face. He can be found in places where children are forbidden from going, like abandoned buildings, rickety jungle gyms, and even the forest. He doesn't kill like your usual bloodthirsty spook. He manipulates you into killing others, maybe even your friends. So don't go searching for the Slender Man.

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Taurus: “Ghuls”

A monster with an area code is very Taurus-like. And while the English may have adopted the word and coined it “ghouls,” the legend originates from Arabian folklore and calls the monstrous creatures “ghuls.” According to the stories, Ghuls are shape-shifting monsters who live around graveyards and lonesome stretches of roads. They usually feast on the flesh and bones of the dead, digging them up from graves. But sometimes, if you are unlucky and find yourself alone on a highway, they will feast on you too.

Gemini: Bloody Mary

Only Geminis are chatty enough to think it's a good idea to chat with a ghost — facepalm — so the urban legend perfect for them is that of Bloody Mary. (Yes, the one from your sleepovers.)

According to the story, if you stand before a mirror in a dark room with a candle in your hand, and then say “Bloody Mary” three times, Mary will appear, standing behind you in the reflection. Sometimes she is covered in blood. Other times, she is not. But don't make the mistake of turning around and seeing if she is actually there. If you do, you are toast.

Cancer: The Legend of Pontianaks

A ghost of a woman who died during childbirth has Cancer written all over it. And turns out, this Indonesian legend features more than one of them, thus the plural form “pontianaks.”

According to the stories, Pontianaks haunt bogs and rivers, preying on men and children by appearing as beautiful women. When the unsuspecting person approaches them, the Pontianak eviscerates her victim and then feasts on their innards.

Leo: The Legend of Lake Lanier

Let's turn the spotlight on this legend from Georgia, which has been at the center of too many spooky occurrences and deaths to be brushed off as fanciful imagination.

According to Georgia history, the government bought up a lot of towns in 1946 to make way for a new lake. But instead of demolishing the houses and structures, they simply built Lake Lanier over them, leaving entire towns and cemeteries at the bottom of the lake and people believing those drowned towns have ghostly residents who regularly catch swimmers unaware, causing freak accidents.

Virgo: The Beijing Ghost Bus

The devil is in the details in this legend, making it perfect for Virgo to scrutinize and talk about.

According to the legend of the ghostly bus in Beijing, a bus driver was once flagged down by two passengers on a near-empty road on his regular route. It was not a designated stop, but he allowed the passengers to get on. Interestingly, they turned out to be three passengers and not two when they boarded. And they seemed to be in costumes reminiscent of the Qing Dynasty period. The bus driver brushed off these anomalies as an oddity and continued on the route. But then, once the bus was almost empty, two passengers got into a heated fight with each other, making the bus driver kick them out.



Turns out, those two were spooked by the three remaining passengers of the bus who didn't seem to have legs. So they fought as an excuse to get off early. Later, when they complained about their spooky experience to the local police, it was discovered that the bus never reached its final stop.

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Libra: The Woman with a Red Mask

When you talk about Libra, the word “beauty” usually gets thrown around. But this spooky Asian legend takes a strange twist when you do just that.

According to the legend of the Woman with a Red Mask, a woman wearing a red mask will approach you when you are walking alone in a secluded place or road. She will then ask you “Do you think I am pretty?” If you say “Yes”, she will take off her mask, revealing a grotesque face slit from ear to ear along the lips. And then she will offer to make you just as pretty as her...



Scorpio: The Legend of Hanako-san

There's something creepy about public bathrooms when they are empty. And the Japanese legend of Hanako-san captures that essence in all its gory glory. According to the story, Hanako was a young girl who died by suicide in the girl's bathroom of her school because of relentless bullying. But it appears her ghost isn't restricted to her bathroom alone.



So if you ever find yourself going to the girl's bathroom all alone, don't enter before asking “Are you there, Hanako-san?” If you hear a “Yes”, run! Or, Hanako will drag you into the nearest stall and then down the toilet. Very creepy. Very Scorpio.

Sagittarius: The Dullahan, a.k.a Headless Horseman

Well, this one was a no-brainer... mostly because of the horse and its spooky rider. And it's totally Sagittarius because variations of this legend exist all over the world.

According to this Irish legend, the “Dullahan” or “dark man” appears when someone is about to die. And he comes riding on his black horse, carrying his severed head under an arm and a scythe in another. So if you hear horse hooves pounding through the underbrush and coming close, run and hide — or you will be the one to be reaped next.



Capricorn: “Teke Teke”

You have to commend the Capricorn spirit of this ghostly legend from Japan called Teke Teke. According to the legend, Teke Teke prowls train stations and subway lines, making a “teke teke” sound as she crawls on her hands and elbows, looking for her lost legs. If she finds you, she will ask you if you have seen them. You must tell her to search in the “Meishin Expressway” to make her go away. Just don't make the mistake of running away from her. Teke Teke may not have legs but she can run faster than cars...



Aquarius: The Licked Hand

Aquarius is unconventional. There's no doubt about it. And so is the spook in the Legend of the Licked Hand.

According to the story, a girl was sleeping alone at home one night when she heard strange sounds coming from the bathroom. Since her parents were not at home, she did not investigate the noise. Instead, she reached out over her bed to pet her dog who licked her hand. The next morning, the girl discovers the mutilated corpse of her beloved pet in the bathroom. And on the walls, written in blood, is the message, “Humans can lick too.”



Pisces: Will o' Wisp

Appearances can be deceiving sometimes. A Pisces can vouch for that — and so can the legend of Will o' Wisps.

According to the story, Will o' Wisps lure unsuspecting travelers with their pretty lights, making them believe they have spotted a fairy. Soon the travelers find themselves waist-deep in a bog, sinking slowly with no one around to call for help.  

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