The Age You Were Forced To Mature, Based On Your Saturn Placement

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Saturn is a planet that represents restriction, evolution, time, and growth.

Major Saturn transits happen every fifteen years through conjunctions, squares, and oppositions. The lessons we learn during these periods continue to add and contribute to our development. The restriction we may have felt early on in life could help us to break free and embody our independent nature later on. 

At the time of your birth, Saturn's placement influences your chart, especially if personal planets are aspecting it.

In the first 15 years of life, you learn about yourself and who you are. Transiting Saturn makes the first square to your natal Saturn, forcing you to face challenges. Breakthroughs happen during your first Saturn return around the age of 27-30. 

But, according to astrology TikToker @zoflowastro, it's not just your Saturn sign that plays a role — the degree also has a major influence on your life.

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The degree of your Saturn sign will tell you at what age you had to mature.

This Saturn Theory is credited to professional tarot reader, astrologer, and numerologist Jasmine Wolfe. According to this belief, "..the degree of your Saturn will tell you what age you had to mature... oftentimes based on the degree of that year you could recognize or remember certain situations that were put in your life... where you had to grow up."

The astrologer emphasizes that based on your degree, you will be able to see how early or later in life Saturn pushed you to mature and you will remember the significance of the year as well.



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This astrology Saturn degree theory piqued my curiosity so I checked my own Saturn sign, which is in the early degrees. As predicted, I had to mature early on compared to some of my friends who have Saturn at later degrees. I do remember the themes of the age as well as the events that catapulted me into learning more about responsibilities.

Because Saturn is generational, I also applied this theory to a few friends from my early childhood and they were able to remember the year clearly once we talked about the theory. Friends that are the eldest tended to relate more with the theory because they had to take on new responsibilities, while others recalled a period of maturity, but not as intense (however, as with all astrology placements, we have to consider the entire chart of a person and whether they are Saturn dominant).

How to find your Saturn degree

When looking up your Saturn degree in your natal chart, use a free site to pull up your natal chart. Where Saturn is located in the chart, you will see a number right above it; this is your Saturn degree.

Saturn could feel overwhelming for many because the transits are harsh, but after we handle those 2.5 years of lessons, we will continue to navigate with more focus.

Saturn may feel rough at first but as we age, it gets better.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.

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