The Unique Way Mercury Retrograde Affects You If You Have Mercury Rx In Your Birth Chart

If you were born during Mercury retrograde, each Mercury Rx period affects you differently.

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It happens three times every year. And when it does, all hell breaks loose. That's Mercury retrograde for you.

Of course, the planet Mercury doesn't actually go backward during a retrograde. It only appears to from the perspective of a telescope on Earth. But it has been well-documented that things go haywire when it's Mercury retrograde season, mainly in the electronics and media spaces as Mercury is the de-facto ruler of such things in astrology. Miscommunication, lost emails, and exes and ex-friends coming back from the past are also a highlight of this troubling astrological phenomenon.


But does Mercury retrograde affect everyone equally? Turns out, if you were born during Mercury retrograde, your experience during a transiting Mercury retrograde will be significantly different from the rest of the crowd.

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Mercury retrograde effects on natal Mercury Rx

People who have a natal Mercury retrograde tend to be naturally introverted and measured in their speech. Some even have an unconscious and irrational fear of their own intelligence. These natives tend to have a lot of insecurities about their mind and the way it works. They can also find it difficult to focus because of a running inner monologue, especially during conversations.


But something changes when the transiting Mercury suddenly goes retrograde. It's almost like the backward motion of Mercury triggers the natal natal Mercury retrograde to start behaving like it is running direct!

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When this happens, insecurities, second-guessing the self, and feelings of being dim-witted suddenly go away for these natives. In fact, the three weeks of a transiting Mercury retrograde is usually the most productive time for those with a natal Mercury retrograde.


But that's not all.

If you have been on the internet long enough, you know people freak out whenever Mercury retrograde comes around. And it's for good reason. The amount of havoc a simple Mercury retrograde can cause is not simple at all. Disbelieve at your own risk — especially if you have scheduled a job interview or the signing of a contract right when the retrograde begins. But if you have natal Mercury retrograde, it's almost like you were born with a Mercury retrograde shield. The havoc goes around you!

The thing is, like all retrogrades, Mercury retrograde is astrologically a period for review and reflection. Instead of going hard and fast as we usually do, Mercury asks us to slow down and ask ourselves if we are even headed in the right direction.

But when someone has a natal Mercury retrograde, they usually do this regardless of the time and season. They are cautious about the way they use their mind and never act pompous and all-knowing. This protects them during a transiting Mercury retrograde.


In addition, children with natal Mercury retrograde, who were struggling with speech or writing suddenly show a lot of promise and progress during a transiting Mercury retrograde. Writers and creatives with natal Mercury retrograde suddenly break the writer's block curse.

People with natal Mercury retrograde suddenly gain extreme clarity about their path in life and what they want to do during a transition Mercury retrograde. Some even use the time, without realizing it, to start a new business or a new venture/hobby.

Solutions to long-term problems also appear in the lives of those with a natal Mercury retrograde during a transiting Mercury retrograde. This includes new opportunities and jobs.

Roughly 19 - 25% of the world's population was born during a Mercury retrograde. So, if you are one of them, look up the dates of all the future Mercury retrogrades and be ready. Who knows? You may just turn those weeks into something extraordinary!


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