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Hello! I’m Kat Knecht. For many years now I have broadcast my message about real romance over the airwaves, in print, and in interactive presentations all over the country because I believe that real romance is something attainable. I also believe real romance is something worth having and working for, which is why I created my life changing program “The Art and Science of Romance”, which has helped hundreds of women find the real romantic life they desire.

I wrote my first book for newly-engaged and newlywed couples entitled It’s Not Just Your Wedding, It’s Your Life, which explores starting married life with a good foundation that will ensure the trust, love and excitement at the heart of a real romantic relationship is present not only at the wedding but for the duration of the marriage. Knowing what is most important to the individuals and who they want to become as a couple is essential to sustainable romance. I am also the creator of the Staying Engaged Cards, a relationship card game that sparks conversations and helps people make deeper connections in a way that is both fun and informative. Believe it or not, knowing what is in a persons heart and what they yearn for on a soul level is…. romantic!

In my column “Will This Relationship Recover?” in Life & Style Magazine, I discussed what gets in the way of real romance and the tools that help people change destructive patterns. I have presented along side many relationship experts including such notables as Harville Hendrix, the highly acclaimed author of Getting The Love You Want and John Grey, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.

Though I have learned a great deal in my training as a relationship coach, my greatest learning and the most useful relationship tools I have created, have come from my own personal experience. When my first marriage ended many years ago, I examined what had caused it to fail and where I had gone wrong. I saw that among other things, I had sold out on my true desires and lost myself somewhere along the way. Personally and professionally I made it my mission to uncover and put into practice exactly what it takes to be fulfilled as a woman in a good romantic relationship. I can honestly say, I have accomplished this beyond what even I thought was possible. I am now ecstatically happy in my marriage and am dedicated to helping others create their very own happily-ever-after.

Along with my incredible husband Curtis, who is also a therapist and relationship coach, we co-founded The Relationship Coaching Connection in 2003, where we help people create a fulfilling life and confidently navigate the territory of romance for the rest of their lives. We know first hand the importance of bringing clear intentions, a solid foundation, and a sense of humor to any relationship – and staying engaged all the way!

My life’s work has been to deliver positive and productive private and group coaching programs, workshops and retreats to benefit all kinds of relationships. I facilitate Relationship Alchemy Coaching Circles weekly, which help women to not only find the love of their lives, or improve the relationship they already have, but to learn how to practice self- love and use their own personal power in a positive way.

I want everyone who desires to have their own real romance to manifest that into their lives and know how to keep it. If you are willing to do the personal growth work necessary to have the benefits my program and circles offer, I invite you to contact me for a FREE assessment today. To join our newsletter or to schedule a private consultation with me CLICK HERE and we will look at your own personal quest and what it will take for you to have exactly what you want in the area of real romance NOW.

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