The Secret To Successful Online Dating

In archaic forms of dating, you would catch the eyes of a man from across the room, he would ask for your number, and then you would meet for coffee. But online dating is a horse of a very different color. How can you make the transition from old-fashioned matchmaking to dating in cyberspace? 

In this video, dating coach and YourTango expert Kat Knecht shares her cardinal rule for creating a profile—tell the truth. That way, you can find the mate that's right for the real you.

If you are ready to take your love search to the World Wide Web, this video offers great dating tips that will prepare you for the cyber love hunt.


Today’s question is: I really want to try online dating but I’m not really having much luck.

Well here’s the first thing you need to know before, I mean you’re actually doing it, but before you do online dating is it’s not the same as dating people who you’re in person with. Right?  There are a lot of things that are the same about it.  Like, you know, you’re meeting people,  you’re kind of presenting yourself - here’s who I am, wanting to know who they are, but there is, in the structure of being online you actually don’t get that feeling you get with somebody in person.  Right?  And we, you know, as women especially we have that intuition, we can pick things up, there are those nuances.  Online it’s all in black and white.  And so people usually, uh, exaggerate, right?  They kind of say things about themselves that might be kind of true but not really true because they want somebody to like them.  So right from the get-go you’re dealing with, not lies, but kind of some half-truths.  So first of all, knowing that.  Now here’s what I found really works about online dating is if you are willing to tell the truth about yourself.  If you’re willing to tell the truth about yourself you are going to then naturally attract somebody who they want to tell you the truth about them, and then you’re off to a good start.