Is Finding A Soul Mate Unrealistic?

Tired of listening to your friends complain about how there are "no good men"? Do you have your heart set on finding "the one"? In this video, YourTango expert and dating coach, Kat Knecht, explains the crucial steps that will lead you to your soulmate.

It's not a far off fairy tale dream—the great man you've been looking for can really be out there. When it comes to true love, there shouldn't be any doubts clouding your judgment. Believing that there is a person out there who can complete the puzzle is more than a romantic notion. So, find out how to find him!


Hello this is Kat Knecht with Ask your Tango, answering your love and relationship questions.  Today’s question is: Kat, is it realistic to aim for an extraordinary soulmate romantic relationship? 

I’m gonna tell you, I hear this question a lot.  The women who come to me for relationship coaching they want to know because this is what they really want in their heart of hearts, and they’re really afraid that it’s not going to happen, or that it’s not realistic.  They have friends who are telling them “You know, you’re being too picky, you’re aiming too high.  That’s not going to happen, why can’t you be happy with what you have?”.  The truth is it’s not unrealistic.  It’s absolutely, positively obtainable for every single person on the planet, right?  And here’s how you can have that.  Here’s how you can make that happen for yourself.  First of all it really takes knowing yourself.  It takes knowing who you are and what’s important to you, right?  Because a soulmate relationship is all about that heart to heart connection.  And in order to connect with others with our heart we have to know who we are, we have to know what’s important to us, we have to know what we want, and we actually have to be willing to reveal ourself to another.