Love, Self

3 Mantras Happy Couples Say To Themselves Every. Single. Day.

Last week, I asked the question, "What makes a healthy relationship?" I received a wide variety of insights and appreciate the wisdom shared. Though there was a wide array of responses, the bottom line of these messages matched with my own experience. The following are in my opinion, the top three basic ingredients for the foundation of a healthy relationship. 

1. I will have the willignnesss to take responsibility for my own behavior.

2. I will have the ability to communicate my own truth.

3. I will have a high regard for myself and others.

Pay close attention to how the ingredients above are operating for you as you interact with the people in your life this week. Notice what happens when you consciously add these ingredients to the conversations you are having. I recommend you add at least a pinch of these ingredients to your daily ritual this year to ensure a happy and healthy life with those you love