About ME

In her twenty-five years as a relationship and personal growth mentor and workshop/seminar facilitator, Kara Oh has watched the heart breaking reality of men and women struggling to create satisfying relationships. To help bridge the Grand Canyon sized gap between men and women, in 1998 she published her first book, “Men Made Easy,” www.MenMadeEasy.com, a guide to understanding men and empowering women. When women know her Secrets about men, and the power of Feminine Grace, they’re able to create love-filled relationships that not only endure, but grow stronger with each passing year.

At the core of everything she teaches is Feminine Grace, which allows women to come back to loving and embracing their womanly selves. As they develop their Feminine Grace, they begin to feel empowered in a new way, from their True Selves, not from an artificial sense of masculine power. When this occurs, women join with men in an attitude of mutual respect and appreciation for their differences, rather than fearing them.

Whether dating and looking for Mr. or Ms. Right, in a long-term relationship or married, Kara has the resources and skills to assist singles and couples through most of the issues that get in the way of having the kind of relationships that men and women desire.

Along with “Men Made Easy,” Kara has published several other books on dating, marriage, and one that helps men who are ready for a loving, committed relationship. An important thread throughout all her articles, books, videos and public appearances, is the desire to put forth the idea that the only way to have a successful relationship is to approach it with the attitude of win/win. That means all communication, decision making and interaction should have the desired outcome of each feeling like winners, inspired to work together toward each other’s happiness.

Kara has traveled across the country entertaining her audiences with her unique insights, as well as appearing on hundreds of radio and TV shows in every major and many not-so-major cities. She has also been featured in such magazines as Women’s World and Cosmopolitan.

You can learn more about what Kara teaches on her weekly BlogTalk radio show, www.BlogTalkRadio.com/The-Heart-Whisperer, a website where you can view her videos each week, www.LipSmackinLove.tv, and on her article website, www.AliveWithLove.com.

You can visit her personal website and receive 3 free ebooks that help explain men, as well as see everything she offers, including her four-day couples retreats in Santa Barbara at www.KaraOh.com. Her next project is to finish writing her highly anticipated, “Feminine Grace, A Step-By-Step Guide To a Brand New You.”