6 Steps To Get Over Your Ex

Moving on isn't always easy, but there are some ways to make it a little less difficult!

moving on

A woman wrote to me today asking for some guidance. She said she was having difficulty moving on after breaking up with her boyfriend, even though the relationship wasn't working. Do You Want Your Ex Back?

One thing I know about moving on is that you can't remove something without putting something else in it's place. The void needs to be filled. I'm a big believer in the power of writing, especially by hand, not on a computer, so I would recommend the following:

  1. Make a list of all the things about him that were not good for you.
  2. Describe all the reasons it's good that he's out of your life. This does not discount whatever positive might have been there, but the more detail you put into describing why you are better off without him, the more effective this process will be. Just Broke Up? How To Regain A Sense Of Self
  3. If you have a trusted friend with whom you can share your lists, that would be good. If not, share it with your Higher Self.
  4. Describe in detail what kind of man you deserve—how he will treat you, how he will make you feel, what you will be able to offer him—so he sees what a treasure you are.
  5. Describe how you can improve how you are as a partner. Every relationship, both good and bad, are filled with lessons that will help us grow and evolve our ability to be happy, to love and to be loved. Find the lessons and you will become your most magnificent version of yourself.
  6. In a meditative state, talk to your Higher Self about the man who will come into your life, and because of how you have grown from this experience, how your future relationship will nurture you both.

I would recommend you do #5 several times because it will help you change at a cellular level, which is where we feel our emotions. Right now you are struggling with letting go. If you replace those feelings with these new feelings, you will begin to transform, from the inside out.


In the meantime, I recommend you do things that you enjoy. Go out with girlfriends (but don't talk about him!), take a class, get involved with a charity that helps those in need. Do anything that will lift your spirits! 10 Apps That'll Help You Forget Your Ex

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From my heart to yours,

 Kara Oh
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