How To Get Him To Compliment You

Use these tactics to get some honest feedback and attention from your guy.

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Recently, a woman in one of my Private Support Group sessions asked me how to get her boyfriend to compliment her. It felt like it was so important to her that if he didn't do it soon, she would push him away.

This is a common problem that befalls many relationships. One person thinks the other needs to show their love in a particular way, or in the same way that they do.
 For instance, in Bruno Mars' song, "Grenade," he sings: "I'd catch a grenade for you, stand in front of a train for you… but you won’t do the same for me."


If you find you regularly need compliments from your partner and complain when you don't get them, I invite you to search your inner self to discover why you need these affirmations. When you understand this hidden truth, you can be more clear about what you want.

Strategy #1

If you genuinely want honest feedback from your men, try sitting on his lap when you are feeling pretty and ask him, "Do you like how I look?" Or, when you’re naked with him and you know he's into you, ask in a playful, sexy way, "Am I sexy?" In these situations, he will answer honestly.

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Strategy #2

You can also simply say to him: "As silly as it might seem to you, I’m a girl and I really like it when you tell me I'm pretty [or whatever compliment you need to hear]. It would make me so happy if you told me those things once in a while."

Men like simple instructions so they can get it right. You both understand that he doesn’t think the way a girl would, so that's why you're taking the initiative to help him out in this area. Interesting: Young Adults Prefer Compliments To Sex, Says Study

Bottom line: if you want to create a better relationship with your man, you need to know the secrets about men. Only a handful of women know these secrets, and as a result, they have the types of relationships we all admire. I discovered these secrets after two years of studying and interviewing men, and I believe they're the foundation of every good relationship.


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