Husband Criticizes Wife For Her Pregnancy Complications — 'He Blames Me While I'm Suffering So Deeply'

Pregnant women need empathy from their partners, not judgment.

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As many mothers know, pregnancy can cause complications and lead to immense physical and emotional turmoil. During these periods of pain, sorrow, and anxiety, husbands should be supportive knowing that their wife or partner is having a hard time.

However, one husband did the exact opposite of this.

A husband blamed his wife for her pregnancy complications.

A mother and wife posted on a mothers-only subreddit called r/breakingmom, where moms are able to openly express their feelings and tell stories about their experiences.


The woman discussed her recent experience with “feeling alone” due to her husband who would blame her for having frequent UTIs. As she explained in her post, “I’m 22 weeks pregnant and have recurring kidney stones. This has resulted in me having frequent UTIs". She explained that she is in pain the majority of the time and has been on three different courses of antibiotics. Still, she added that her husband was mad at her for not feeling well, and told her to “stop getting UTIs" and to “use alcohol wipes.”

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She also said that she told her husband it was out of her control and that, since she was pregnant, the doctors would not do interventions to treat her kidney stones.

The woman explained that her husband gets upset at her for being sick occasionally and that this wasn’t the first time something like this occurred. She said his behavior is “unfair” and explained that when he got Covid for a long time, she never complained about how he couldn’t do as much as he used to. Clearly, the woman experienced a ton of mental health issues during this time, explaining that she felt alone. 


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Without a sound support system, many complications can arise.

New mothers can experience postpartum depression (PPD), a dangerous condition that severely affects a mother’s mental health and can lead to suicide in extreme cases. Women with PPD are likely to develop depression, self-hatred, paranoia, and many other controlling emotions that may lead to severe outcomes if not treated properly.

Without a good support system, this woman's marriage could end in despair. She may not be able to trust her husband to care for her when she's in need. And this lack of trust, support, and emotional safety can lead to a toxic relationship down the line, causing communication and connection issues.

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It's important for husbands and male partners to be empathetic towards the women carrying their children.

During rough times like this, women need emotional and mental support, and to be nurtured. They need empathy from the ones they love the most, not judgment.


Yelling and getting upset over things that are completely out of someone's control, like pregnancy symptoms, is unfair and cruel. Especially when this woman is carrying your unborn child and is, essentially, growing a new organ.

Men should remain empathetic and try to understand the hardships of pregnancy. It's not just taxing physically — it's completely draining in every other way.

Pregnant women need love and affection, to be cared for, and to be respected. Pregnancy is far from an easy thing; it’s incredibly painful and hard to manage with the many symptoms and conditions pregnancy brings about. The last thing any woman needs is a man yelling at them for things they cannot control.


In any relationship, whether one partner is pregnant or not, empathy and respect are always important. But in times of need, especially, these traits are even more valuable.

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