Boss Admits He Fires Any Employee On His Team Who Doesn't Have A Six-Pack — 'It's Called A Standard'

You can achieve your goals with the right mindset, not washboard abs.

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There are many reasons some people don’t get hired for jobs. It may be a lack of knowledge in the field, a lack of experience, or a lack of personality, but it's usually not for a physical appearance.

But for one boss, he only hires people who look a certain way.

The boss admits that he only hires people who have six-pack abs. 

Andy Elliot, a popular sales trainer, is blowing up because of an Instagram post.


In his speech, Elliot revealed, “My entire company, my entire team, if you don’t have a six-pack, you don’t work for us.” Elliot went on to say that it’s a standard he set for his company and that other companies should "raise their standards." He said, “How about you guys quit settling,” presumably referring to companies that settle for employees, instead of looking for people that fit exactly what they need.

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Many were quick to make fun of Elliot, saying things like, "Can’t work for me if you’re bald. Grow hair or get out.” Others advised people to stop giving him money, and that it’s hard to take him seriously due to the way he wore his clothes.


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However, some supported what he had to say, with one person sharing their experience with working in the military with smart, courageous, physically fit men, none of which had six-pack abs.

But there are more qualities of a good worker other than being disciplined. For example, many people in the military got there because they're strong, mentally and physically, and maintain other forms of discipline without having six-pack abs.

But you can be strong without having abs and you can be disciplined without having abs. And a six-pack shouldn't be the key to landing any job position.


An employee's physical appearance is unrelated to their abilities at work.

Just because you have a six-pack, that doesn’t mean you’re automatically fit for any job position. In a sales position, you’re selling products, not showing off your physical abilities. 

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Many claim that Elliot’s point was to recognize that companies should raise their standards and stick to them; however, it seems like he didn't communicate that effectively.

Working to get abs requires discipline, yes, but it also has nothing to do with being a good worker. Similarly, abs don't make you a good person.

Having visible abs doesn’t guarantee success by any means. Rather, with the right mindset, you can achieve your goals. 


In the workforce, you need to have a positive attitude, motivation, skill sets in different areas, and versatility. Just because you have a six-pack, that doesn't mean you're fit for every job or that you will succeed.

Unfortunately, Elliot's company policy is legal, despite its moral complications. However, it could potentially damage his company's reputation and lead to failure in the future for not giving others a chance.

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