Office Worker Loves Her 'Lazy Girl Job' But Others Find It 'Depressing'

If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life.

office worker loves her job / Instagram

Finding a job that not only pays well but is manageable and somewhat enjoyable is hard to find. But sometimes, people end up employed in workplaces where the amount of effort they exert is much less than intended.

A young woman expressed her love for her 'lazy girl' receptionist job, while some people don't quite understand why she likes it so much. 

The now-deleted TikTok was reposted to an Instagram page that posts content about different careers in order to share others' experiences. The woman in the video was seen sitting at her desk at a receptionist job, typing while relaxing music was playing in the background. 


Some people defended the woman's job by saying, “I'd love that TBH, I'm not smart enough to do high-skill work.” However, others commented on the poor nature of the job and how the salary isn’t as good as the woman in the video thinks. 

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The comment section is a constant back-and-forth of people debating if this "lazy girl" job is all that or is just an overrated position. Many said they love reception work, while others claimed they hated it and sided with the anti-work mindset.

One user commented, “It is a trap; office jobs are very frustrating and lead to burnout and depression.” Another user even claimed the video was “Propaganda to create office workers."

Numerous people agreed with the fact that most of the time, office work requires connections in order to land a position. “Those jobs have crazy gatekeepers either u gotta know someone or have a connect to get in,” one user argued.

Despite all of the backlash towards office work, many people defended having a 'lazy girl' job.

“Been working front desk for the majority of my hospitality career, swear I love it,” one commentor said.  “I have been looking for a job like this because of how bad my anxiety disorder has been. But I can’t find one,” wrote another.


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Many people used mental health to argue in favor of office work. Because anxiety prevents many people from getting manageable jobs, and working in person can be difficult and even strenuous, a "lazy girl" job requires very little activity and prevents employees from becoming easily overwhelmed.

Sitting at a desk all day, answering calls, talking to a few people, and writing emails is probably not the best job for those who have ADHD or social anxiety. And while a "lazy girl" job isn't ideal for some, for others it's what they need in order to succeed and work efficiently. 

The woman in the video only stated that she loved her personal job, but she never said it was for everyone else. In truth, she has the right to love her job and post about it, just like anyone else does.


Although there was a very distinct split between loving and hating these kinds of jobs, the worker was simply showing that she found a job she loves. And isn't that what everyone wants?

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