I Had Sex While Camping Outdoors And You Seriously Need To Try It

You may find it is one of the most liberating and exciting times in your relationship.

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By Megan Glosson

We all have that one story of having sex somewhere different. Maybe it was for the thrill or out of necessity; maybe it was in a storage closet or the back of a Mustang (which I don’t particularly recommend).

Regardless of the where or the why, sometimes, we need to indulge our desires, satisfy our hunger for the struggle snuggle.

Me? I had sex in a tent.

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My husband, an expert camper and Eagle Scout, planned a weekend trip for us to a state park. We packed very minimalistic, only taking what we could each fit in a hiking backpack or carry in our hands.

After selecting a campsite and pitching the tent, we spent the day hiking and enjoying the peaceful sounds of nature.

Naturally, by the end of the day, we didn’t exactly smell fresh nor were we dressed to the nines.

Somehow, though, we found ourselves hungry for each other and ready to “do the dirty” in the dirt.

The sleeping bags provided a slight cushion between my back and the rocky, hardened soil. It was extremely hot, and I don’t just mean that the sex was amazing — it was literally quite warm inside the confines of the tent.


The tent was small, almost constricting at moments as we engaged in foreplay and attempted several positions.

Somehow, though, the setting left me feeling liberated in comparison to the tight quarters of the 700 sq ft apartment where our intercourse usually took place.

The techno sounds of our DJ neighbor, Larry, didn’t exist here, nor did the constant slamming of doors from the breezeway or the shouting of the family on the other side of our bedroom wall.

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The rhythm of the headboard hitting the wall never came.

Instead of the typical fear of judgment or distraction from my surroundings, I was acutely aware of my partner: the way his skin felt on mine, the sweat beading on his forehead, and the pleasure in his eyes.


As we continued, the desire to remain quiet melted away, leaving me comfortably expressing myself vocally. For the first time since being sexually active, I found myself free and without inhibition.

It was phenomenal.

After, we were able to enjoy a night of nude spooning filled with fresh air and the music of the woods.

I felt a twinge of guilt the next morning as I made the trek to the bathrooms and realized a sweet family camped in close enough proximity to hear my screams of bliss and boisterous requests for a second helping, but that quickly faded as I enjoyed breakfast fireside while being doted on by an extremely satisfied partner.

I was also eternally thankful for the shower when we returned home that afternoon as the one downside to camping is a lack of facilities.


If you get the opportunity to have your bones jumped in an unusual or irregular location, give it a go.

You may find it is one of the most liberating and exciting times in your relationship, or, if nothing else, you can check it off a bucket list.

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Megan Glosson is a writer and editor whose work been published on Project Wednesday, The Mighty, Thought Catalog, MSN, and more. Visit her author profile on Unwritten.