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Woman Shares What It’s Like Living In Her Car With All 5 Of Her Dogs & Is Told They’re Living Their 'Best Life'

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Woman holds her dog in a car window.

Sometimes, we just need an escape from reality. Whether we’re dealing with a stressful job, living in a toxic environment, or dealing with a loss, spending time in nature, away from your daily life can be all it takes to rejuvenate your good vibes. 

Especially with the price of renting and buying a home skyrocketing in recent years, many people are making this “escape “ their new reality and transitioning their stagnant lives to one on the road. 

The rate of people who’ve made the switch to “van-life” or living and traveling in a vehicle, has almost doubled over the past five years with an estimated 2 million people currently living from their vehicles by choice.

Riley Magers, creator, and mom to five dogs, has also recently made the switch, documenting the journey with her fur babies on TikTok for her newly devoted viewers.

Magers and her five dogs live together in her car traveling and exploring new places across the country. 



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Trekking across the country with her little family, Magers has amassed almost five thousand followers on TikTok and is using the platform to share her daily life on the road

In a recent “day in the life video,” she shared the reality of living with her five dogs in her car, filled with daily walks outside, warm meals, and of course, dedicated lounging time in her cozy set-up. 



“A very short, chilly, winter day in my life here in the PNW,” she wrote in the caption.

Many viewers have asked to donate or support the little family, however, Magers asserted their lifestyle is a 'choice’ and they ‘are not in need.’ 

“You have a big, beautiful heart,” one viewer wrote. “Can we help somehow with gas or food?”



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Many other viewers followed suit, appreciating the content she’s making and looking for an avenue to “donate” or share financial gifts with the small family. However, it seems many viewers have misconstrued this woman’s lifestyle and assumed it’s one she’s been forced into, rather than chosen. 

“While I sincerely appreciate each offer of support, we are not in need,” Magers admitted in a video from January 28. “This lifestyle is a choice that I made in November 2023. We are all happy. We are all healthy. Thanks for being here.” 

Her lifestyle not only provides space for adventure and connection with her dogs, but it’s also an avenue for her to deal with grief. 

Not only has the lifestyle shift been one that allows for more financial freedom, but its solitude and adventure have been essential in helping Magers process the death of her sister. In a video from December 12, she shared that life with her dogs has been nothing short of a miracle. 



“Standing beside my sister and watching her [pass away] is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do,” she wrote in the comments. “Learning how to live again after being swallowed by grief is the second hardest. I don’t know where I’d be without these dogs, but I don’t think I’d be here living this version of my life. I love you, kids. To the ends of the Earth.” 

So, while many viewers were conflicted over this woman’s choice to live in her car with her dogs, others passionately celebrated her choice. “These dogs are clearly living their best lives,” one commenter wrote. 

Her story of solitude, love, grief, and adventure is one that everyone can learn from and is a testament to the fact that “different” is not always an indicator of “bad.” 

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