6 Things You Need To Do Before You Have Hot, Crazy Sex In The Woods

Hooking up outdoors takes a little preparation.

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The end of summer may be on the horizon, but that shouldn’t stop you from having a few final hurrahs before the weather turns colder — particularly outdoors.

If you’ve found yourself feeling friskier during the summer months, you’re not alone. As temperatures rise, so do libidos. So much so, in fact, that one survey found that July and August are peak months for sex no matter where you live. 


While the easiest — and often most comfortable — setting for sex is in bed, planning an outdoor tryst, like sex in the woods, is an exciting way to make summer even hotter. Just make sure you consider these tips before you join the 76 percent of Americans who’ve had sex in adventurous locations.

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Here are 6 tips to help you have incredible sex in the woods (or other secluded, outdoor location):

1. Choose a private or secluded outdoor space.

A hidden meadow, deserted beach, lush forest, or remote campsite are all possible locations for thrilling outdoor sex.


Just make sure you’re choosing a place and time where you’re unlikely to be observed by others — the woods being a great choice. While the risk of being caught can be exhilarating, you could actually be breaking the law if you’re seen.

Depending on your location, an arrest for committing lewd acts or indecent exposure may lead to a fine or even time in jail.

2. Avoid anywhere physically risky.

Outdoor sex in the summertime should be hot, but it doesn’t need to be physically painful or even deadly.

Don’t get down on the edge of a cliff or while attempting to navigate a dangerously cold or fast stream or river. If you’re on the beach, pay attention to the tides.


And if you’re planning to fool around in the woods, look out for poison ivy, poison oak, snakes, and signs of mountain lions or bears in the area. If you're enjoying sex in the woods, you may also want to be aware of whether hunters frequent the area. And, hey, you can always wear safety-orange hats! 

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3. Apply bug spray liberally. 

Mosquitoes, ticks, and chiggers, oh my! Bug bites are rarely ever fun, and many insects are most active at dawn and dusk — which are also times you’re least likely to be discovered during an outdoor romp.

To avoid the worst of them, douse yourself with repellant before you get busy in the woods or anywhere outdoors. Though no bug spray should ever be applied to your genital area, choosing a product formulated for sensitive skin can make wearing it during outdoor sex more pleasant.


Choose one with picaridin as an active ingredient and you’ll avoid the strong smell and potential allergic reactions common with DEET. 

4. Slather on the sunscreen. 

Sex outdoors can be just as fun during the day as it is at night, but sunburn your naughty bits and you’ll experience a new definition of painful.

Dermatologists advise applying sunscreen 30 minutes before you plan on being in the sun, so make it part of your foreplay. If your outdoor sex session turns into more of a sweaty marathon than a sprint, you may also need to pause and reapply. 

5. Be prepared to make it quick.

Speaking of foreplay, if it takes you a while to become aroused, you may want to start foreplay well in advance of your adventure.


If you’re meeting up, try sexting each other on the way to your destination. Or spend some time touching and teasing in your car or tend before joining Mother Nature outdoors. You should also keep in mind that the more public your location, the less time you’re likely to have for doing the deed without observation — even if you're out in the woods.

Staying mostly dressed can enable a quicker getaway and going commando or wearing a skirt or dress can make this easier. 

6. Pack an outdoor sex bag. 

Whether you keep it in your purse or gym bag, or stash it in your car, having the essentials within reach means you’ll be ready when outdoor sexual inspiration strikes. In addition to the sunscreen and bug spray mentioned earlier, you may want to pack a towel and wet wipes for quick clean ups. And don’t forget the condoms and lubricant.

“Lubricants are a great way to add pleasure and excitement to any experience because they can be used as part of foreplay as well as during sex,” explains Tara Merkle, Marketing Director of the popular lubricant brand, #LubeLife.


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Gia Scaringi is a matchmaker, mentor, and sex coach who helps couples reignite their love and relationship.