Couples Who Camp Together Have Really Hot Sex, Says Study

Gives a whole new meaning to "pitching a tent."

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Couples can often fall into a rut. You've been together for years, and the things that once enticed you to this person may now be the reason you see yourself pulling away. You both do the same things over and over, and even the sex is starting to get stale.

What should you do? Should you take a couple's yoga class together? Try couples therapy? Buy a dog together? Build a treehouse? Unfortunately, it's none of these, but there may be an answer.


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Pitch a tent! Nope, we're not talking about in your man's pants. We mean a literal tent. In the woods. With binoculars, s'mores, and everything else people do on these kinds of trips.

According to a survey from tent company OLPRO, couples who camp together have more sex while camping and afterward. In the tent again, maybe even in the car, parked twenty feet away.

The survey included 500 couples between the ages of 25 and 50 who had just gone on a camping trip.

A good 90 percent of them said they had more sex out in the wilderness than they would if they skipped the trip. What about the woods is so enticing to these couples? Is it the fact that there's no actual bed, so they have to improvise? Is it the fact that there's no one around, hopefully, who could potentially catch you in the act?


So what's getting the couples hot while they're away? Is it the constant smell of pine? The deer poop? The lack of air conditioning? No actual roof over your head? Maybe it's the fact that it's like staying at a hotel, except it's much cheaper and you don't get the overrated rose petals on the bed and champagne. Who needs that stuff anyway. You don't even need that stuff when you go camping.

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Well, 45 percent said having fewer distractions is what really helped them focus on each other, 30 percent said camping made them more carefree, and 9 percent claim camping brought them together closer physically.

Psychologist Barbara Bishop also agrees that camping could be very good for a couple's sex life. "It gives us the opportunity to reconnect with our partners and recharge our relationships in a very meaningful way," explains Bishop.


"We rediscover our primal selves when we're close to nature, but there is also that added frisson of knowing just a thin layer of canvas shields us from the outside world."

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So this summer, plan on taking a camping trip if you really want to bond. Don't forget the lube and condoms to go with it. Maybe even some toys and tools. In case the tent breaks down, or other things do as well.


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