11 Best Places To Have Sex In Public (And Private) To Avoid Bedroom Boredom

Need to spice things up?

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In my years since high school, I’ve had sex with a lot of people in a lot of different places. Certain places, such as the bedroom, are a given and can be very accommodating for all sorts of kinky fun. After all, bedrooms are open, wide enough, and offer a little bit of privacy.

But I’m also an exhibitionist of sorts. So, sometimes, I feel like mixing things up by having sex in new public and private places (wink).


Speaking as a sexplorer, there are certain places that just make sex super-hot. Here 11 of the best places to have sex in public (and private) when you're looking for some seriously wild locations to enjoy your partner least once in your life.

1. The car

Yes, it’s a classic that we all learned in high school, but there’s a reason why car sex is so widespread. It’s hot and it offers just enough privacy while also giving you enough room to get in a quickie.


There are also a lot of different positions you can choose in the car. For exhibitionists who might enjoy someone getting an eyeful, or for adrenaline junkies who like the risk of getting caught by someone, car sex is a must-try.

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2. The shower or tub



Despite the difficulty getting lubed up with all the water around you, shower sex and bathtub sex can be incredibly hot. The steam running down your back, being able to smell some sexy soap, the way your partner glides on top of you from all the suds, the slightly porn-cliché way it looks... Yum!

It’s good, clean-but-dirty fun at its best.

3. The woods

Sometimes, you're just looking for a location to have sex in public where you can be as primal as you want. The fresh air, awesome views of trees, and exhibitionistic flair of doing it in the woods is what makes this such a hot place to do it.

Also, it doesn’t cause the sand issue that makes sex on the beach difficult. Bring a tent and go camping for even more privacy.


4. In a low-budget motel room

Did you ever notice how taboo and naughty certain motel rooms tend to feel? Certain motels just tend to be made for sex — and they know it. Everyone who pulls in there knows what’s going on, and if you’re in a real cheap joint, you might even hear couples going at it elsewhere.

For people who legitimately want to get crazy kinky or just experience the thrill of being in a taboo but private place, you really can’t get better.

5. In a high-class hotel room



I need not explain why this is so hot, right? Luxury is sexy, and a high-end hotel room will make you feel like the Wolf of Wall Street. It’s also a good way to get romantic in a classy way if you’re looking for a night where you can just make love rather than have sex.

6. A dark alley

Having sex in this public place is risky for a number of reasons, and it will make you feel like a wild child. Nothing is grittier than this, and if you’re an exhibitionist, this may end up being a super-thrill. If you choose this option, make sure you’re smart about it since police might mistake a loving couple for something else.

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7. On the stairs



You might laugh, but stair sex is awesome. The height difference makes a lot of positions that would be impossible very possible, especially if you and your partner have a very big height difference.

8. At work

If you can get away with it, this is an amazing experience that is hyper-thrilling. It’s so taboo, and to a point, that’s what makes this so hot. Just, you know, make sure you’re doing it with your partner and not someone else.

Also, I can’t express how risky this can be to your career. If you know you’re safe, you might be able to wing it, but otherwise, you might want to put this on the backburner.

9. At a party



This is one of those places that can be a great idea, or a life-ruiner, depending on who you’re with and who you’re around. If you’re at a party where you can sneak off unnoticed, it can be a thrill. If you’re at a party where free love is totally a thing, go for it.

If you’re at a party where you don’t know people or where your reputation could get destroyed, you might want to think twice... or be extra cautious.

10. In a strip club

Been there, done that, was awesome. It’s not always doable, but if you can pull strings to make it happen, it’s definitely a must-try.


11. In the laundry room

That washing machine can give some pretty good vibrations. Just sayin’.

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