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Couples Who Sweat Together, Stay Together: 7 Fun Couple Workouts

partner yoga

Whether you're looking to squeeze into that new teeny-weeny bikini or you have extra time to tone up—summer is the perfect time to get back in shape. And it's always easier to commit to a workout when you pair up with your significant other. Not only do you have a workout buddy by your side to motivate you, but exercising deepens your bond as a couple.

Don't believe us? Several studies have proven that couples who exercise together are less stressed, happier and have better sex.

So what are you sitting around for? Get your sweat on as a couple with one of these seven butt-kicking workouts!

1. Salsa Dancing
If you both love tearing up the dance floor on the weekends, skip the gym and head to a Salsa club instead. The tropical music and sexy rhythm from this high-energy Cuban-inspired dance will get you both hot for each other before the night is over. It's a sexy exercise, but just consider it another night out (minus the calorie-heavy drinks).

2. Ride A Tandem Bike
When the weather outside is this nice, spinning at the gym just feels so … blah. Grab a couple of bikes (or better yet, rent a tandem bike for two) and pedal around town. You can leisurely chat as you huff and puff your way up hills and hoot in ecstasy as you speed down them.

3. Partner Yoga
If you're looking for a fitness routine that's a little more Zen, try yoga. One of the biggest benefits of yoga is gaining a newfound flexibility — so stretch together. Doing poses in tandem encourages you to communicate. You'll strengthen your body and your relationship. And hey, that new pose might inspire a hot new position for you to try in the bedroom ...

4. Prancercise
This new workout looks silly (or amazing) at first glance, but it sure beats an otherwise boring, dawdling walk. What exactly is it, you ask? Watch the original video and see for yourself. Grab your partner and gallop, trot and skip in this goofy horse-inspired exercise around the neighborhood! One thing that's guaranteed: your abs will be sore ... from all the laughing. 

5. Boxing
Ding ding ding! Square off in the boxing ring with your partner. And not that to say that you should actually get rough in the ring, but sometimes it's good to let off a little steam and playfully pummel each other. What's that saying? All's fair in love and war?

6. Indoor Rock Climbing
Scaling a vertical wall from a long drop down can be scary, but that's what makes rock climbing a great couple's exercise — not just for physical endurance, but in trust and communication. Sure, you have a safety harness to prevent you from a hazardous plummet, but you can breathe a little easier knowing that you have your S.O. there to catch you if you fall.

7. Aerial Arts
He makes you feel like you're floating on cloud nine, so why not share that experience together in an acrobatic aerial class? This circus-inspired workout is all about strength, flexibility and a reliance on each other. As beginners, you'll start out small by swinging on silks, but with practice, you'll both be reaching sky-scraping heights.

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