11 Best Weekend Getaway Ideas The Entire Family Will Enjoy

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11 Best Weekend Getaway Ideas The Entire Family Will Enjoy

By Caitlyn Fitzpatrick

When your weeks start to feel repetitive and longer than usual, it's time to treat yourself to a weekend getaway. And if you have little ones, you have more to take into consideration when planning a vacation. Are there enough things for the kids to do? Will they actually have fun? What do we need to bring?!

To make the planning part of that a little bit easier, we came up with a list of 11 fun ideas that are perfect for weekend trips with the whole family. Not only will they take away the stress of that Monday to Friday life, but they'll also bring your brood closer together with some quality bonding time.

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Keep reading to see the best weekend getaways, and get your wallet ready to book.

1. Camping

Ditch your TV and phone screens, and head out into the wilderness for a few days. Breathing in fresh air, listening to nature, and having good conversation is the best. Besides, who can resist roasting s'mores by a fire?

2. Theme Park

Whether it's to Disney or a smaller theme park nearby, not many people can resist the thrill that rides bring. Plus, the park is bound to have plenty of sweet and savory treats to choose from.

3. Road Trip

Pack up the car with good music, a few games, and some serious snacks, and just see where the wind takes you! Maybe you'll discover a small town that you've never seen before, or you'll reach a destination you've all been dying to see for a while. Either way, road trips create memories that last a lifetime.

4. Beach

If you can get to an ocean within a relatively short amount of time from where you live, it's always worth spending a couple of days in the sand. Here are the best beaches in each state to get you going.

5. Farm

Between the animals, open space, and fresh air, your child is bound to have a smile glued to their face when exploring a farm. This is also a good route if you're looking for a more relaxed getaway.

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6. Log Cabin

There's something ultra-cozy about staying in a log cabin. It gives you the feel of camping but, you know, with electricity and running water.

7. Lake

A lot of people only think about the beach when it comes to being around a body of water, but there's something so soothing and peaceful about spending the day on a lake. Whether you rent a boat or swim off the dock, a weekend at the lake may offer fewer crowds and new experiences.

8. Ski Resort

While you're hitting the slopes, set your kid up with skiing or snowboarding lessons. Or just take advantage of the snow tubing so the whole family can stay together!

9. “Staycation” Hotel

Not down for a long drive or flight? Choose a hotel an hour away, and your little ones will have a blast at the pool. Also, be sure to order lots of room service!

10. National or State Park

Combine a little bit of learning into your weekend getaway at a national or state park. Here's a list of the best national parks to get the wheels moving!

11. Cruise

One of the best things about cruises is that they have everything you need right on board. Your child will love exploring the ship and tasting the wide variety of foods at their fingertips. Plus, there are lots of quick weekend trips to choose from.

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