65 Best Places To Have Sex In Public (Without Getting Caught)

A guide to quickies anywhere you can think of.

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Seventy percent of both women and men fantasize about it. Some are turned on by the chance of getting caught, while others simply want the novelty of taking the bedroom show on the road.

How do you fantasize about having sex in public? You may want a springtime romp in a field of flowers or a quickie in a bar bathroom, but in the end, public sex is all about one thing: location location, location.

While sexpert Dr. Brian Parker claims that the endorphin boost that accompanies risk could lead to a more explosive orgasm, most sexual revelers agree that quality sex takes a back seat to getting in and out in a hurry.


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To minimize the chance that someone will bust up your private party, take a lesson from the scouts and be prepared. Women can wear long, loose skirts sans panties; men can go commando or wear baggy boxers. A little forethought could shave precious seconds off your prep time!


Of course, having sex in public is considered a misdemeanor in most states! Be sure to check your local laws, and always take precautions to make sure you don't get in trouble or traumatize anyone.

With that in mind, here are the top 65 public places to have sex — without getting caught!

1. At a concert

Some people may feel pretty adventurous getting it on in such a public place. But it's even more exciting when there are thousands of people around!

I have a story of my own because, when I was 23, my boyfriend and I were at a concert at a small club. I was wearing a babydoll dress and dancing in front of him, not wearing any underwear. Three or four beers in, we moved back into a corner.

Just when we thought things were going very well, some girl screamed, "Oh my God! Is that a penis?" And the mood was over. He grabbed me by the arm and we got out of there. So, my advice is to do it where people really can't see you, or really don't care.


2. In a car

Cars have been a popular sex spot since Henry Ford started rolling them off the lot, and cities and states differ on whether a car can legally be considered a "public" place.

It's against the law if it offends someone or someone can see it, so it's a fine line. They could be arrested, but usually, the cops just tell them to find a better place to do it.

If you do plan to have sex in the back seat of a car, be sure you lock the doors, steer clear of the front seat (especially if you're near a light source), and maybe try to park in an empty parking lot.

3. In public restrooms

These kinds of semi-public spaces are a good start for beginners since you're more likely to get an annoyed "move on" from a police officer or bar bouncer than arrested.


Even if the bathroom attendant has got your back, every state has laws against indecency and public nudity. First-time offenders are generally only charged with a misdemeanor, but that could still land you up to a year in the slammer.

But unless you're getting it on Sting-style, in a multi-hour tantric tango, getting busted for having sex in public is relatively rare. Just make sure to lock that bathroom stall.

4. On a ferry

Talk about a public place! In fact, a friend of mine once had sex on the Staten Island Ferry! She was wearing a dress with no underwear and sitting on top of her boyfriend, facing away. If anyone started to walk by, it just looked like she was sitting on his lap.

Well... except for all the bouncing. But at least there were no naughty bits exposed. Not only are you surrounded by tons of people to add to the excitement, but it's a lot of fun and a great item to check off your sex life bucket list.


5. Over a sink

In addition to lap-sitting, rear-entry works well if you have something to lean over or against — like a sink. Face-to-face works, too, and if you've got a wall for support, the woman can wrap her legs around the man while he lifts her against the wall.

You can use a sink anywhere — a hotel room on your vacation, a truck stop that's open day or night, or even the kitchen of a restaurant.

6. At the beach

To protect yourself from sand getting in all the wrong places, plan ahead and bring a blanket with you to the beach. It actually might even be more comfortable to have sex standing up against a rock or fence.

If you're worried about laying down on the actual sand, standing sex is a great alterative to the missionary position (which you can do in any bed!).


7. In a parking garage

It might not be a good idea to have sex in a parking garage in broad daylight, especially if there are a lot of other cars around. Of course, that's up to you and your partner.

But a great word of advice? Wait until it's dark and the parking lot is empty. If the parking lot is by a building, there will likely be security cameras, which could come back to bite you in the butt.

So, choose a parking garage that isn't surrounded by buildings and where there isn't a large chance that someone will drive into it and see you!

8. In an elevator

Sex in an elevator is for true daredevils! More likely than not, there will be security cameras hidden in the elevator, which makes it hard to find the right area where you'll stay out of sight.


However, even if you're perfectly fine being watched by the person behind the cameras, you need to beware of other people who might get on the elevator and catch you in the act. Since there's less foot traffic at night and early morning, this might be when you want to have your romp.

Now, another thing to consider is the date — if it's an elevator in your building, people will be leaving for work early in the morning! So, take into account all variables before you get down to business.

9. At the movies

For couples who don't mind shelling out a few pretty pennies (because movies are quite expensive these days), the movie theater is an excellent place to get down and dirty.

Choose seats at the back of the theater, and be sure you aren't sitting too close to anyone. Though it will be dark in the theater, there might be lulls in the movie itself, so you might want to keep the volume down.


If all else fails and you become worried about getting caught by ushers or other patrons, think about using the popcorn bowl for a handjob instead!

10. On an airplane

Ever heard of the mile-high club? Not only is it extremely risky to become a member of this "club," but it's unlikely you'll be able to do so without someone catching you. And if you're caught in the middle of a flight, if there's a layover at some point you will certainly be kicked off.

But if you somehow manage to get seated on your partner in the right position, it can be a lot of fun and get your adrenaline levels pumping.

A few things to keep in mind include keeping your romp short, avoiding getting caught by the staff on the plane, and considering taking the action to the lavatory. Remember to come out individually when you're done — you don't want cabin staff getting any funny ideas!


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More Fun Places to Have Sex in Public

11. In a sauna

12. At the top of aFerris wheel

13. In a department store dressing room

14. Behind an alleyway

15. At work

16. On top of a washing machine

17. In a train bathroom

18. In a dressing room

19. At the gym

20. At a public park

21. At a bar

22. In the library

23. At a public pool

24. In the back of a taxi

25. In a utility closet

26. In a hot tub

27. Under a waterfall

28. On a hiking trail

29. At the laundromat

30. In a tent

31. On a golf course

32. At a pay-by-hour hotel

33. On a boat

34. On top of a skyscraper

35. On a trampoline

36. In the woods

37. On a blanket under the stars

38. At a vineyard

39. At a truck stop

40. In a barn

41. At the zoo

42. In an airport

43. At a museum

44. In a greenhouse

45. At a baseball game

46. At a crowded party

47. In a cave

48. In a hammock

49. In a cornfield

50. In a port-a-potty

51. In a stairwell

52. On a swingset in a public park

53. In an abandoned home

54. At a bowling alley

55. Behind a busy building

56. In an outdoor shower

57. In a garage

58. In a church

59. At a wedding reception

60. On a cruise ship deck

61. At the planetarium

62. On horseback

63. At a strip club

64. In a friend's bed

65. On a tennis court

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