Woman Reminds Workers That If Everything Is Urgent At Your Job Then Nothing Is — 'You Should Have Hired More People'

"I’m taking my hard work somewhere it will actually be appreciated."

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The vibe of a workplace and the culture a boss cultivates have a major impact on how much employees enjoy their roles. Disrespect from a boss can truly be the difference between workers quitting and staying.

Employment creator Ciara Ruffalo admitted that her current boss has created a toxic atmosphere — perpetuating a sense of endless urgency that only stresses and “burns out” her colleagues. 


This worker reminded her peers that not ‘everything’ should be urgent at your job — ‘It’s a boy who cried wolf kind of situation.’ 

“This is your reminder that if everything is urgent at your job, nothing is really urgent," she stated at the start of her TikTok.


taking my hard work somewhere it will actually pay off 🫡 and thats for me so BYOB

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“To preface, we are working on our biggest client yet," she explained. "Have not hired any more hands — we couldn’t even handle the workload that we were experiencing without this massive client. Finally, we’re in the homestretch.” 

She admitted the last few months have been absolute “torture” for her and her small team due to constant "fire drills" and allegedly pressing issues. Her boss adopted a sense of “urgency,” pushing her team to an unhealthy, unnecessary, and unattainable standard of efficiency in which every deadline is labeled critical.

“We’re launching [with this client] on Monday. It’s Friday right now, and I just think it’s hilarious. So much [crap] is going wrong," she continued. "We warned them from the start that this wasn’t going to work out with the lack of manpower we have.”

Despite their warnings throughout the project, it’s clear her management dismissed them — but now the entire project is at stake, and the workers don't care. And since, from the start, every small thing seemed like "the end of the world," there's no higher level of urgency their boss can unlock.


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"It’s kind of like, ‘Well, every time you’ve said something is urgent in the past, it really wasn’t,'" Ruffalo added. Now, with their employees overworked and lacking motivation, no one is willing to invest any extra time or energy to get the job done. 


Ruffalo admitted she was 'burnt out' by the constant 'urgent' deadlines — a common experience for many employees. 

Almost 80% of employees admit that they’re “burnt out” in their positions at work. More often than not, it’s directly related to the lack of praise and recognition they receive from their employers. When workers don’t feel valued (or, more importantly, respected), they tend to grow resentful of their bosses, positions, and companies. It’s the number one reason why people quit their jobs. 

@_cowboycolin Not feeling appreciated at work is the mumber 1 reason why people leave their work place. Not becuase of money but because the way they are treated within the company. #selfhelp #employer #emploee #worktok ♬ original sound - _cowboycolin

So, when employees like this one are treated like children who can’t manage their own priorities or deadlines, they grow irritated. Not only is it frustrating to feel like a pawn to their bosses, but they’re being overworked in ways that contribute to heightened anxiety and stress in the workplace. 

“You should’ve paid us more; you should’ve hired more hands. Give us some praise, honestly, just treat us with respect,” Ruffalo concluded. “Then maybe I would get something going, but since none of that happened, neither is this tight deadline.”


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