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Woman Decides To 'Get Back' At Her Cat By Doing All Of The Things The Animal Does To Annoy Her

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Most cat owners can agree that we love our furry friends to death, and cannot imagine our lives without them. However, that doesn't mean our beloved kitties aren't without their little quirks that bother us a bit from time to time. 

In a series of TikTok videos, one cat owner named Alyssa plotted to “get back” at those quirks her adorable cat, Aurora, has. She decided to do everything her cat does to annoy her to see how she liked it — and the results were hilarious. 

The woman did all of the things to her cat that her cat does to her that get under her skin. 

According to Alyssa, Aurora has many qualities about her that she is in love with. Others, not so much. For example, there are times when Aurora will wake her up with her noise, unintentionally scratch her with her claws, or bring dead animals into the house. 

Alyssa determined the best way to alleviate her cat’s behaviors was by giving her a little taste of her own medicine! 

In a TikTok clip, as Aurora slept peacefully on the floor, Alyssa approached her and started doing “aggressive biscuits” (basically massaging her hands into Aurora’s fur). 



“Making biscuits” is a common behavior in many cats that is often referred to as kneading. This behavior involves a cat rhythmically pushing and pulling its paws against a soft surface, such as a blanket, pillow, or even your lap. The motion resembles kneading dough, hence the term "making biscuits." Unfortunately, if your cat chooses to make biscuits on your lap, it can be quite painful and irritating with their sharp claws. 

As much as she loves making biscuits, Aurora was clearly agitated by Alyssa's attempt, nipping at her hands to keep her away. 

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In a second video, Alyssa surprised Aurora with "jumpscare zoomies," running around her apartment as her cat watched in confusion. 



Zoomies refer to a sudden burst of hyperactivity and is a typical behavior in cats. They are usually just a way for them to release pent-up energy. 

In part three of this TikTok series, Alyssa decided that she would “hack up a hairball from the depths of my lower intestine while [Aurora] is trying to nap.” 

Cats often get hairballs in the process of self-grooming. When cats groom themselves by licking their fur, loose and dead hair can be ingested. The accumulated hair is then regurgitated, and the noise of it can be heard by anyone in close vicinity to the cat. 

Unfortunately, hairballs can happen anytime anywhere, even in the middle of the night while everyone else is trying to sleep. Since Alyssa has been woken up numerous times by Aurora coughing up a hairball, she decided to sneak up behind her while she was taking a nap and mimic the noises the cat makes. 



Aurora went from a deep slumber to suddenly alert as Alyssa hacked into her ears, waking her up from her nap. While the cat attempted to ignore her and turned the other way, the look in her eyes demonstrated that she may be plotting her owner’s death. 

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In yet another video, Alyssa decided to bring Aurora “a deceased bug as a present,” like she has done for her in the past. 

“You’ve been such a good girl lately, I love you so much, so I’m gonna get you a present,” she told the kitty before racing outside, finding a dead fly on the patio, and bringing it inside to gift to her cat. “Aurora is gonna love this!” she exclaimed. 



However, after sniffing the bug for a few moments, Aurora appeared uninterested in her new present and knocked it onto the floor with her paw. 

While our cats may demonstrate odd behaviors that don't always understand, there are specific reasons behind why they do so — and some of them may just melt your heart. 

Cats knead their paws on you and bring you dead bugs as a display of affection toward their owners. While kneading is an instinct most cats have as kittens — they knead their mother’s bellies to stimulate milk production — adult cats tend to knead their paws near or on their owners as a sign that they are happy and content with them. Cats also knead to demonstrate the trust they have in their owners. 

While it may be gross and appear to be an act of cruelty, cats will actually bring their favorite humans dead bugs, mice, and other smaller animals they hunt themselves as a sign of affection. According to Antia Kelsey, author of “Let’s Talk Cats,” your cat will bring you a dead animal they hunted as a gift to let you know that you make them feel safe. 

"Cats bring home animals they have hunted and killed as the home is the core safe area for cats, so it makes sense to bring the prey/catch home to an area they feel comfortable and secure,” Anita told the Sun online.

Your cat may also want to share their catch with the rest of the family as a meal! (One we will gladly pass on). 

While cats have traits that can be bothersome from time to time, most of them love us as much as we love them.

The majority of cat owners can all agree that we’ll take the disturbed sleep, dead mice in our homes, and claw marks on our legs just to have them in our lives! It's all worth it when they snuggle up with us at bedtime, sit on our lap as we watch TV, and greet us with meows and head butts each time we walk through the door. 

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