Woman Creates A 'Treat Stop’ For Dog Owners In Memory Of Her Dog Milli Whose ‘Absolute Favorite Thing’ Was Treats

Our pups deserve special little treats, too.

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If there’s one thing that dog owners know for sure, it’s how much meaning our furry friends give our lives. From morning snuggles and nighttime belly rubs to the excitement they show over getting fed and being taken on walks, dogs are an emotional anchor in a difficult world.

One woman created a ‘treat stop’ for dog owners in memory of her dog, Milli, whose ‘absolute favorite thing’ was eating treats.

Content creator Allison shared her discovery of Milli’s treat stop on TikTok, writing, “I was not prepared for this on my walk today.”


She posted a slideshow featuring the treat stop, which was a small house with a door that opened to reveal a container of dog treats and a photo of Milli. The note posted on the container declared, “Treats were Milli’s absolute favorite thing! Hope your pup enjoys as well!”

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By offering treats to dogs taking their daily sniffy walks, Milli’s owner showed an example of how people in communities can touch one another, even if they remain strangers.

“I hope people keep replenishing the treat jar!” one person commented on the post. "What a way to keep Millie’s memory alive."

Allison took this to heart and created an Amazon storefront dedicated to keeping Milli's treat shop fully stocked. "Thanks everyone so much for their donations," she wrote in a follow-up video.

Losing a pet is an emotional journey with no timeline for healing.

Animal communicator Danielle Mackinnon shared her wisdom on how to deal with the “huge grief” that comes after losing a pet.

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She noted, "Grief is part of the normal process of having a pet in your life, and you can’t stop it.”

“Pretending that it’s not happening doesn’t honor your feelings,” she said. “It’s going to slow down your ability to get through the grieving process, and it doesn’t honor the relationship that you had with your pet.”

Mackinnon advised that people mourning the loss of their pet should surround themselves with people who understand what they’re going through.


“Those people who say, ‘Well, it’s just an animal,’ don’t be around those people right now,” she exclaimed. “Find the people who understand that your heart is just breaking. Let those people support you as you go through this process.”

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She also advised grieving pet parents to “Call on your pet for help.”

“When you’re open to the idea that your pet on the other side wants to send you messages, is hanging out around you, is with you, it makes it easier to believe that you really can call on your pet for help," she explained.

“This isn’t going to end the grief, but it is going to help you move through this period of your life,” she concluded.

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Our pets are more than just fuzzy weirdos who live in our homes. They’re our best friends. They’re our family.

Anyone who’s loved a pet knows that the sadness of saying goodbye can be overwhelming. Part of loving any pet is knowing that one day, they’ll leave us, which just makes us love that little beast even more.

Milli’s treat memorial is a reminder that even though our beloved pets leave the earthly realm, their memories stay with us forever.


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