Woman Asks Date For His Rich Dad's Number After He Asks Her To Split The Bill 50/50

Should men in heterosexual relationships be expected to pay on dates?

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The debate around the etiquette of splitting a bill on a date has been something people have argued about for some time now. In mainly heterosexual relationships, some women refuse to pull out their wallets on a date, while men claim that it's ridiculous to assume that they'll pay all of the time.

However, in a TikTok video, a NYC-based content creator named Karolina Geits shared her suggestion for the response to give when a guy expects a 50/50 split on a bill.


She asked her date for his rich dad's number after he told her they were going to split the bill.

"When a man wants to go 50/50 with you on a date, do this," Geits informed her viewers. Filming herself on a date, but not showing the face of the guy she was at a restaurant in NYC with, Geits and the mystery man were talking and enjoying their time together.

At one point, Geits asked him to tell her more about what he did for a living, as she was interested in getting to know him. Happily agreeing, he explained that he worked for his father's company, but didn't explicitly say what that company was or his job position. He admitted that his father started the company and it was a family business that he grew up in.




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"I get to work with him and everything he built," he told Geits. "It's something I'm really proud of." Seemingly interested and impressed by his line of work, the conversation between the two continued up until the point when he asked if she was fine with him asking for the check.

When she agreed, he informed her that he wasn't going to be the one paying for the meal in its entirety. "When the check arrives I think we should just split it 50/50."


Taken aback by his suggestion, Geits pointed out that she thought they were on a date, but reassured him that she was fine with being friends if that was what he wanted. Quickly, he promised that it was a date, but claimed that if they were gonna be "husband and wife" then it needed to be a "fair partnership."

Woman Asks Date For His Rich Dad's Number After He Asks That She Split The Bill Photo: Katerina Holmes / Canva Pro

"You told me you worked for your father's company. May I ask you a question, maybe you can give me his number?" Geits responded. "I can go on a date with him."


Laughing uneasily, Geits' date promptly changed his mind and assured her that he would take care of the bill, no problem. However, he ended up making a dig at her, saying that he understood what he was "working with" and insinuated that Geits was an "only child" based on her attitude about the bill.

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A study found that both men and women expect men to be the ones to pay on a date.

According to a 2019 survey conducted by the online dating website Elite Singles, 63% of men surveyed believed that men should be the ones to pay on the first date and 46% of the women surveyed came to the same conclusion.

On the flip side, Lending Tree found that 29% of Americans said the person who asked the other on a date should pay, while 22% said costs should be split. Generally, women were more likely to prefer splitting the cost than men — just over a quarter (26%) of women said date costs should be split, compared to 18% of men.


While baby boomers were most likely to say the man should pay for the first date (52%), Gen Zers were most likely to say the person who asked the other on the first date should pay (34%) or that costs should be split (32%).



In an interview with CNBC, dating expert Amy Nobile recommended that men in heterosexual relationships should pick up the bill on all dates before a couple becomes exclusive. In her own experience, many of her clients, both men and women, tended to favor chivalry. 

At the end of the day, regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of paying on either the first date or all dates, anyone out in the dating pool should be honest and communicate with their partner about the things they can and can't afford. Whether or not a woman expects a man to pay, or a man expects a woman to go 50/50, those types of things should always be discussed instead of assumed.


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