Why I Still Don’t Wear Makeup After A Decade

The implications of consistent makeup use are worth exploring.

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I’m not saying I never will wear makeup again. I probably will; eyeliner is my favorite, but I’m still on a no-makeup journey.

I never wore foundation or was a heavy makeup user. Eyeliner and mascara were my only go-to items. But I decided to take a break from them.

Initially, I took the break to focus on embracing my natural face, but over time, it became more liberating not to succumb to societal standards.


Though many women embrace their natural beauty, many still rely on makeup to appear their "best."

Most women wear some form of makeup, and some wear it out of habit because they grew up observing others doing so — like their mothers, friends, and women portrayed in the media.


Eighty-four percent of women utilize makeup daily. That’s a lot. There is nothing wrong with consistently utilizing makeup except when you establish dependence on it.

Women don’t have to and should never feel the need or burden to wear makeup and look "more pretty."

But too many women feel their bare natural faces are not good enough to present to the world.

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Isn’t makeup a form of art?

There is the argument that women use makeup as a form of empowerment and artistry.

This may be true.

Makeup is beautiful, and you can do many magical things with it.

But is there a clear distinction between artistry and feeling like you can’t leave the house without a full face of makeup?


I think so.

A man asked his girlfriend if she was wearing makeup, and she responded, "Yes, I’m getting old, and I need more help."

Help with what? Does age automatically determine the level of beauty you can behold without makeup?

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Should confidence come from face paint?

You're not alone if you feel more attractive, confident, and empowered when you wear makeup; many women feel this way.

Not only does makeup enhance your beauty, but it can also hide what you deem your "imperfections."

But why should we feel a need to hide our imperfections? Do our imperfections make us less worthy or less valuable?


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Outstanding questions:

  • Why is it that more women wear makeup than men?
  • Why is it that more women obtain plastic surgery than men?

You might argue that more and more men are starting to wear makeup and obtain plastic surgery; this is true.


But women still outpace men significantly, and I believe this will always be the case — until women finally realize they are beautiful and can be confident and empowered without additional help from face paint.

This fact is worth paying attention to: women and society still place too high a value on appearance. Until we change this, the billion-dollar makeup industry will continue flourishing off women's insecurities.

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