Why Married Men Make More Money Than Single Guys

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Although the younger generation as a whole is putting off marriage and everything the institution stands for, men seem to be more resistant to the idea than women. 

It seems as though a great majority of men view marriage as a purgatory of sorts often using derogatory references like "the ball and chain" for their spouses.

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However, those attitudes are likely to do more harm than good. So perk up, men!

Marriage won't necessarily be the end of the world. In fact, studies have found that marriage makes men more intelligent, and harder workers thus bringing in more money.

What can we say? Sometimes people don't spring into action until it's absolutely necessary (or have something to prove.) Hopefully the reason your beau proposed to you isn't that he could potentially get that big bonus at work but because he actually loves you, although there is a correlation between the two.

Married men make more money than single guys, according to a study.

Research shows that married men work about 400 additional hours per year, in comparison to their single counterparts.

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Another study found that married men are less likely to quit their job than single men. 

It's simple, really: the improvement in work ethic leads to bigger paychecks. Married men ages 28 to 30 make $15,900 more than those who are single while, married men ages 44 to 46 make $18,800 more than their single peers. Whoa, there really is no 'i' in team, huh? I might have to start pestering my man to marry me now.

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But what really happens to men after they exchange their vows? Will there be a banker who stands up the second the vows are read with a ready check in his hand?

Part of it has to do with men changing mentally.

According to sociologists, men take on a new sense of meaning and status after putting a ring on it and another study found that married men also benefit from the encouragement their s.o. provides, usually out of a subconscious desire to earn more praise. Lastly, data has found that employers tend to promote men who have children over those who don't. A good reason to have kids! Hopefully not the only reason, but still a good one.

Now we're not saying that the transition from singledom to marriage won't be an adjustment, but it'll also be a period of growth and love. So guys, stop knocking marriage — after all, it's already helped bring in a little extra cash! And I'm sure your wife will love the benefit the extra cash brings in, spend it on her sometimes fellas.

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