What Is Shaveducking — And 10 Signs You're A Victim Of It

Do all of your ex-boyfriends have beards?

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Ladies, we need to be honest here: a man’s facial hair can make or break his appearance. Some kinds of facial hair, like that pencil-thin mustache from Napoleon Dynamite, will be almost universally unattractive. Others, like a beard, tend to be seen as way more sexy. Either way, most girls tend to have a preference for facial hair. 

One of the newest dating terms to hit the internet is shaveducking, and it’s related to facial hair. But what is shaveducking? A man’s facial hair can do a huge number when it comes to showing his facial shape and improving his look. The problem is, we ladies don’t really know what lies underneath that beard.


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Shaveducking is that nagging feeling that you might just be hot for a guy’s facial hair, rather than his face. It also can allude to men who hide their faces behind their beards. Here are the signs you might be shaveducking your dates and aren't actually attracted to what's underneath his beard.

Here are 10 signs you're a victim of shaveducking, and care way too much about his beard:

1. You have a strong preference for facial hair, to the point that you might only swipe right on certain guys

If that’s you’re thing, you shouldn’t wonder if you’re just hot for beards. You have a thing for facial hair, and telling guys that will often be well-received. There’s no reason to worry about being into the guy’s hair rather than the guy's. You already know the answer.


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2. You’re scared of what would happen if he got a different facial hair type

Would you still be into him? Frankly, you might not be. If this is true, you should be concerned. Hair shouldn’t be a dealbreaker.

3. The guy you’re dating says that his facial structure isn’t the greatest

In this case, yes, he’s probably hiding his face using facial hair. At least you know he’ll never shave it off, though!

4. Any time he considers shaving, you shut it down ASAP

This is the core aspect of shaveducking. You will do anything to make sure that he doesn’t shave off that hair — and that includes saying terrible things about clean-shaven looks.


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5. You talk about how good his beard looks, hoping he gets the hint not to shave

Sometimes, this may take a more subtle approach. Positive reinforcement is a good way to avoid sounding awful. Either way, if you find yourself doing this, you’re shaveducking.

6. The idea of him shaving fills you with dread

A lot of women who dig facial hair really need to get their groove on. Do you find yourself asking what you’d do in the bedroom if he shaved? Does this scare you? If so, you are guilty of shaveducking him.

7. If he shaved his beard off, you’d barely recognize him

This can happen in a long-term relationship too. If you can’t recognize him without the beard — or worse, you can’t take a look at him without one — you probably are shaveducking him.


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8. You’re grossed out by clean-shaven guys

If you find yourself getting a bit grossed out by the clean-shaven look, you probably will be guilty of shaveducking your dates.

9. You’ve literally said, “If he shaves, we’re going to have problems”

At this point, it should be obvious that facial hair is a priority when it comes to your partner’s looks. Admit that you're shaveducking and you’ll feel a lot better.

10. You told him, straight up, you never want him to shave

At least you’re honest with him. Shaveducking doesn’t have to be underhanded or mean. It’s just a preference — and one that you can be blunt about.


Truth be told, facial hair shouldn’t matter that much. If it does, you may find that it’s probably the least of your worries.

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Ossiana Tepfenhart is a writer whose work has been featured in Yahoo, BRIDES, Your Daily Dish, New Theory Magazine, and others.