The One Point To Rub On Your Body To Fall Asleep In Seconds

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heart 7 point

Falling asleep can be rough for some of us. Many people have had their fair share of restless nights, tossing and turning, not being able to drift off to Dreamland.

But the answer to a restful sleep may be as easy as rubbing the right pressure points.

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And one of those pressure points that can help you fall asleep in less than a few minutes is called the heart 7 point — and it's on your wrist crease.

What is the heart 7 point?

The heart 7 point is also known as the Shenmen (translated to mean "spirit gate") in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a common acupuncture or pressure point used to help calm people. 

The heart 7 point is the Yuan source point for emotional issues, and often excessive anxiety or worry. Yuan source points are sites on the body where the Yuan (primary) Qi of Zang-Fu organs pass through — i.e., it's one of the many spots on the main heart meridian.

Rubbing or applying pressure to Yuan source points, like the heart 7 point, stimulates the vital energy of regular meridians and causes regulation of functional activities, eliminating pathogenic factors. This allows us to fall asleep more easily.

That is all very fancy talk for saying that rubbing this point on your wrist for a few minutes helps stimulate calming energy back to your brain, allowing the body to fall asleep peacefully.

The acupressure point is located on the wrist, specifically at the ulnar end of the transverse crease of the writs on the radial side of the flexor carpi ulnaris tendon. Acupuncturists have used this point to help relieve insomnia, amnesia, cardiac pain, irritability, and chest pain. 

A TikTok created by YoungerYouDoc gives some very simple acupuncture-related tips to help with sleep, stress, and mobility. In the first part of his video, he demonstrates the heart 7 point method.



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What are the benefits of massaging the heart 7 point?

Rubbing this acupuncture point can help relieve many issues that deal with the heart and mind, including relieving stress, anxiety, and heart palpitations.

The heart 7 point has also been proven to work when clinically applied to help people with insomnia, psychological stress, emergence agitation, and alcohol or nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

TikTok user kadama demonstrates how to do this incredibly easy technique to fall asleep in about 2 minutes.



Here's how to use the heart 7 point to fall asleep:

1. Lay down.

When you are tired and want to go to sleep, simply position yourself comfortably in your bed. You can be on your side or on your back, just make sure your wrist is easily accessible.

2. Rub your wrist.

Once you are comfortably lying down, find the heart 7 point on your wrist and rub it while applying light pressure. Do so for 30-60 seconds. Then, repeat the process on your other wrist, rubbing for 30-60 seconds.

3. Fall asleep.

After rubbing both wrists for the alloted time, you should feel more relaxed and ready to fall asleep. Let all the stress and anxiety of the day wash away as your relaxed mind and body drift off to sleep.

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