5 Things That Make You Sleep Worse At Night (And How To Fix Each One)

What's disrupting your 8 hours of shut-eye each night?

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By Nina Simons

If you just can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep, you will likely feel frustrated and sad. 

Well, don’t worry any longer, because I’m here to help you out!

Before you settle into bed at night, first check to see if these five things are what's disrupting your beauty rest.

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1. Your alcohol intake

Even though many people tend to enjoy a nice glass of wine after work, very few know that alcohol intake can actually significantly affect the quality of your sleep — and not in a good way.

Although consuming alcohol helps you fall asleep more quickly, it can also frequently disrupt your sleep in the second half of the night.

Whether you realize it or not, that poor sleep quality is slowly killing you. So, skip that glass of wine or beer with dinner, and you’ll notice a major difference in your sleep.

2. Inappropriate bedding

Everyone knows that a bad mattress can be detrimental to your sleep quality and overall health, but did you know that certain bedding fabrics can also negatively impact your sleep?


When you compare sheets and bedding, look for natural fibers like cotton or wool.

Cotton is soft, breathable, easy to maintain, and durable. In the winter time, down quilts made from real wool make great insulators that wick away moisture.

Regardless of what season it is, skip synthetic polyester or nylon bedding.

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3. Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is one of the leading medical causes of poor sleep. This serious sleep disorder causes people to repeatedly stop breathing throughout the night.

Furthermore, people with sleep apnea often snore loudly, feel tired after a good night’s sleep, and experience headaches.


If you think that you’re battling sleep apnea, then see a doctor right away.

4. Caffeine intake

Caffeine intake is another common cause of sleep interruptions. After all, caffeine stimulates the brain, which helps you to stay alert and concentrate.

Therefore, you should try to stay away from caffeine before bedtime.

In fact, you should probably drink your last cup after lunch, so that it completely leaves your body by the time that you climb into bed. 

5. Your daily worries

And last, but certainly not least, your daily worries can also interrupt your sleep.

Stress negatively affects every aspect of your life more than you can even imagine — and it often starts with bad sleep quality.


If worries plague you every time that your head hits the pillow, then try some natural remedies, like lavender. Obviously, there are so many things that can disrupt your sleep.

However, these five things are the most common causes of bad sleep, so think about which ones might be impacting you at night. Cheers to having better rest!

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Nina Simons is a writer who focuses on health and wellness, mental health, and self-care. For more of her self-care content, visit her author profile on Unwritten.