What Having No Birthmarks Says About Your Past Life

You likely still have past lives.

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Birthmarks are abnormalities of the skin that are already there when a baby comes into the world. The exact cause of birthmarks is unknown, but many are hereditary and harmless. 

Some people believe that birthmarks tell an important story about your current and past lives, and send powerful messages to you from the universe.

But what about those of us who don’t have any birthmarks?

One TikToker named Stephanie shared a few videos explaining what an absence of birthmarks says about your past life.



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In the first video, Stephanie starts by sharing that “birthmarks can indicate past life trauma or how you died in a past life.”

She then explains that not having birthmarks does not mean you didn’t have a past life or that you didn’t “die in a specific way in a past life.”

She adds that drowning in a past life is not linked to a birthmark, so your body would have no indication of such a traumatic death.

Stephanie also notes that some birthmarks are not associated with past lives at all. You die in a previous life and have no markings on your body to tell you how!

Birthmarks that are connected to your death in a different existence only show up if they have any significance in our current lives.


The TikToker uses herself as an example, stating that she died seven or eight times via fire in her past lives, but has no red birthmark, a clear indication of being burned.

Stephanie shares a second video where she lists some of the ways you actually might have met your untimely demise in a past life.



Drowning, a car or plane crash, and poisoning are a few of the painful ways you could have died, and not have a birthmark.


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“Birthmarks are not a rite of passage,” she says, and not everyone gets one, although every person has likely lived several lives before their present one.

Stephanie also reiterates that not all birthmarks are linked to past lives. In fact, according to her, only one in four of them are.

She closes this video by telling viewers that they should rely on their intuition, interests, and fears to determine whether or not they existed in another life.

In her third video on what it means to have no birthmark, Stephanie says that some people have lived hundreds of lives, and it would be impossible to have a marking on their body for each.




So, even if you have no outward indications of trauma from a previous life, it is still possible you need to do some self-work to address it.

When considering the origins of your mental and emotional states, remember that where you’ve been is a lot less important than where you are going.

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