This Weed Bouquet Is The Perfect Gift For Potheads

Flowers are out. Weed bouquets are in.

Last updated on Jan 28, 2023

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If you’ve been seeing your significant other for a while, some thought needs to go into whatever gift you're getting them. You know that he likes beer and sports, but you're not sure which beer and which sport.

You can try to buy him a baseball jersey, but for all you know he cares about basketball.

You need to be able to Instagram the crap out of your gift to make others jealous ... and now you can.


And if you really want to go to the extreme for this, put about 20 filters on it, don't forget the sparkles, and tag every ex you've had just to make sure they see how much better you're doing without them.

Nothing says love like Instagram likes — and smoking pot together, apparently.

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A company called Lowell have you covered, kind of. If you’re in the Los Angeles area (and if you're not, maybe you should plan a trip), you can now send your sweetie a bouquet of weed. 


Just another reason to try and travel to LA: Weed bouquets, and the chance to see real live, Kardashian. (Hopefully, it's Kourtney, she's got spunk.)

Yes, that’s right, weed. Not the kind you pick out from your garden after you’ve abandoned it for a while, but the stuff you smoke: marijuana. The stuff that, let's say if it works, will lead to a very sensual night indeed.

And a whole bouquet of it, too. Ahhhhh, romance.

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That’s probably because one bouquet costs a whopping $400 for one ounce of Mary Jane. Maybe you should stick to the baseball jersey.

I don’t know what the going rate on the street is, so I couldn’t tell you if this is a good deal. But hey, at least the price tag shows you care, right?


Also, this is the most LA thing I've ever seen. Not so much a bouquet of marijuana, but trying to sell an ounce of it for $400. 

And this is as different as it gets, so get your butt over to California, maybe turn on the ol' craft channel and hit up that sketchy guy from high school, and try to make your own. Homemade gifts are all the rage now, and men deserve flowers, too. 

This weed bouquet makes the perfect gift for potheads, so you might want to pick yours up soon; there are only 500 of these bad boys and stock is probably very limited. Also, the beautiful thing about bouquets is that they're not meant to last, and neither will this one.

Chivalry is not dead, I don't care what you say, mom, I have a weed bouquet from Jason to prove it (that cost half our rent.) Love conquers all.


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