5 Ways One Woman Protects Her Energy When She Goes Out — And How It Makes Her More Attractive

You have the power to protect and enhance your energy.

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In today’s fast-paced world, women are learning how to master the art of protecting their energy when they venture out. It’s important for women to understand that preserving their vitality is key to thriving in various aspects of their lives, especially when crossing paths with others' toxic energies.

One woman, Iris Dailey, took to TikTok to share how she protects and embraces her energy before she goes out.




Here are 5 ways women can protect their energy when they go out (and how this can enhance their inner beauty): 

1. Make sure your energy is charged before you go anywhere

It’s necessary for women to nourish their energy throughout every day, not only to feel charged before going out to social events but also to ignite their inner beauty and remain balanced throughout their lives.


There are several different ways women can charge their energy, and these practices look different for everyone. Some of the ways include meditating, journaling, cleaning, sleeping, listening to music, reading, and visualizing your energy glowing.



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“I spend my whole day charging; like, I make sure I'm as charged as possible,” Dailey said in her TikTok. “That keeps you protected, but also, there’s like no better glow than when you are literally glowing from the inside out.”


When you take the time to truly focus on charging your energy, you not only exude a strong sense of self-confidence, but you surround yourself with an impenetrable shield of protection from outside energies. This is especially significant for those who are empaths and naturally feel the energy of everyone around them. 

2. Wear crystal jewelry that’s specific to the energy you want to embody

Crystals have captivated humanity for centuries, revered not only for their aesthetic beauty but also for the mystical power they are believed to hold.

According to Healthline, crystals have the ability to interact with our energy field and cultivate balance and alignment. People use crystals for a multitude of reasons, from enhancing focus or reducing stress to healing physical ailments, depending on the crystal’s unique properties.



The idea of using crystals to protect your energy is that by understanding the meanings of different crystals, setting the intention to use one for a specific purpose, and wearing it as jewelry or carrying it close to your body, the crystal will influence your energy, emotions, and even your physical wellbeing. 


For instance, Dailey referred to the heart-shaped carnelian rock she wore as a necklace in her video, which represents good luck and can help boost self-esteem, creativity, motivation, love, passion, and courage. 

3. Wear gloves to protect the energy of your hands

Dailey acknowledged the lace gloves she wore in her video, inspired by someone she once met who explained that wearing gloves helped them protect their energy as an empath. 

In fact, this ‘glove technique,’ which can be used by wearing physical gloves or merely visualizing gloves encompassing your hands, has been identified as a protective way to allow healing and loving energy to pass through your hands and ward off any negative, unwanted energy.

Because we are all made up of energy, and energy is all around us, we unknowingly absorb the energy of anything and everything we touch, which is why it’s vital to shield your hands from any lingering negative or heavy energy around you, especially in lively settings.


The 5 Ways A Woman Protects Her Energy When She Goes Out — And How It Makes Her More AttractivePhoto: Cast Of Thousands / Shutterstock

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4. Set intentions to connect with the spirit of alcohol

To many’s disappointment, consuming alcohol seriously lowers your vibration, no matter how little you drink. If maintaining an impenetrable energy is your goal, it might be best to cut out alcohol altogether. 


But, like most of us, you might crave a drink every now and then. After all, you only live once, right? 

It’s important to understand that drinking alcohol puts women in a vulnerable state, not only physically and emotionally but spiritually as well. When you don’t set intentions before drinking on a night out, you’ll expose yourself to absorbing the energy of everyone around you. 



So, to shield yourself from this alcohol-induced vulnerability, Dailey shared her personal theory of protecting her energy through the practice of “connecting with the spirit” of her preferred alcohol.


She said she does this by stirring her drink counterclockwise three times and setting her intentions for the night, such as protecting her energy from outside entities, having a fun and enjoyable time, or avoiding any reckless behavior.

While there is no solid proof that this theory of energy protection through alcohol works, the mindful act of setting intentions itself has proven to manifest them into reality. If you commit to this same practice before consuming any alcoholic beverage, it will likely have a powerful and protective effect.

5. Wear the color of the energy you want to embody

Colors have energy, too! Each color has its own unique set of qualities and traits. By choosing what color you want to wear based on its specific spiritual meaning, you will embody its energy. 




Next time you plan an outfit for a night out, look into the meanings of each color and set the intention of wearing and embodying the color that you resonate most with at that moment. 

Let’s say you decide to wear red for its empowering effect. Because red symbolizes passion, strength, and security, just by telling yourself you are embodying these traits, you will notice the powerful shift in your energy throughout the outing.

These simple but powerful acts of setting intentions and embodying the beauty of crystals and colors help protect your energy while raising your vibration, confidence, and appeal. So, take advantage of the spiritual resources and tools available to you. 


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