The Symbol You See First In This Visual Personality Test Reveals Your Secret Dream About Your Future

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We all have goals and aspirations. Sure, these goals change as we grow and learn more about ourselves, and they should! When I was eight, if you asked me what my dream was I would tell you that I wanted to live above a Chinese restaurant so I could have constant access to affordable, fresh egg rolls.

Now that I'm in my mid-30s, the dreams I have for myself are pretty different, though if I'm honest, I wouldn't turn up my nose at any egg rolls tossed my way either. Though that's certainly something a visual personality test wouldn't be able to help with.

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As we continue to experience life, we get a better understanding of the world around us. Based on that understanding, we come up with new dreams... for the most part.

If you ask around, chances are many of your friends have secret dreams that they are too embarrassed to reveal, thinking that they are immature or unrealistic.

You definitely have your own dreams like that too (hello, I still want to win an Oscar someday!), whether or not you want to admit it.

Your deepest dreams are nothing to be embarrassed by; in fact, the more in touch we are with those dreams, the more of a happy and fulfilled life we will lead.

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To figure out what your secret dream for the future is, just check out this visual personality test.

Look at the image and pay close attention to the first symbol that catches your eye.

Then, scroll down and read about how what you saw first reveals the dream that you keep a secret in the depths of your heart. 

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1. The letter A

If you saw the letter A first when you looked at this image, your secret dream involves the written word.

Maybe you have always wanted to write a romance novel, or maybe a dream of creating books for kids has always been something you've held dear.

Whatever form your passion for words might take, now is the hour to leap! It's never too late to chase a dream. 

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2. The car

If you saw the car first when you looked at this image, your secret dream is to travel the globe like a James Bond-style spy.

Sure, you know the government is never really going to tap you to go on dangerous missions, but there's power in this dream. 

You want to see the world, move in elite circles, and live dangerously. Don't be afraid to take a chance and live in the moment. You might not ever stop a fight on top of a train, but you'll get all the thrills you want and more.

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3. The spy

If you saw the spy first when you looked at this image, your secret dream is to be the person with all of the information.

You don't necessarily want to be anyone's boss, but you relish the idea of being a major power broker, someone who knows everyone's secrets. 

You have a gift when it comes to people, so don't be afraid of that gift. Lean into it and you might discover that knowing everyone's secrets is just the beginning, and you might want to help them too.

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