The Spiritual Meaning Of Upper & Lower Lip Twitching

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Subtle twitching in any part of the body is a very strange sensation and especially so when it's your lips that are twitching.

While it’s usually harmless, a twitching lip can be very annoying.

Often, it may seem like there’s no explanation for the twitching. As it turns out, there are a few medical conditions that can cause your lips to twitch. And if that doesn’t explain it, perhaps one of these lips twitching superstitions will give you a clue.

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Medical Reasons for Lips Twitching

1. Hemifacial Spasms

Hemifacial spasms are spasms of the facial muscles on one side of the face. They’re often caused by blood vessels coming into contact with facial nerves and can be triggered by anxiety, stress, and fatigue.

The spasms are uncontrollable and painless and typically come and go at first. However, over time hemifacial spasms will occur almost constantly.

2. Too Much Caffeine

Yes, it’s possible to overdose on caffeine — and doing so may cause your lips to twitch.

According to the Mayo Clinic, you shouldn’t drink more than 400mg of caffeine per day (a cup of regular coffee has about 100mg). Drinking too much of the stimulant can overload your nervous system, causing muscle spasms, including in the muscles that control your lips.

If too much caffeine is the cause of your twitching lips, that symptom will be accompanied by at least 4 other symptoms such as nausea, nervousness, restlessness, and excessive energy.

3. Potassium Deficiency

Low levels of potassium, or hypokalemia, can cause lip twitching.

Potassium is a mineral that carries nerves signals in the body, and being too low in potassium can cause nerve impulses to go a little haywire, causing muscle twitching and cramps.

Try eating foods that are rich in potassium, such as potatoes, salmon, avocado, and of course, bananas.

4. Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s Palsy causes temporary weakness or even paralysis of one side of the face. It’s caused by nerve damage that’s most likely the result of a viral infection.

Because the condition affects nerves, it’s possible that someone with Bell’s Palsy may experience spasms of the lip muscles.

5. Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a brain disorder that eventually leads to incessant shaking and stiffness in those that develop it.

One of the earliest signs of Parkinson’s is slight tremors, including lip twitching, that typically start on one side of the body.

6. Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Lou Gehrig’s disease, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), is a degenerative brain disease that affects the nerves and spinal cord. Early symptoms of the disease include twitching and muscle spasms.

If you’re having facial spasms or constant twitching of the lips that won’t subside, consult your doctor who can help uncover a cause.

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Lips Twitching Superstitions

There are differences in meaning between the upper and lower lip twitching as well as which side of the lip is twitching.

Right Upper Lip Twitching Superstitions

The right side of the body is the positive side. This means that when you feel sensations on body parts on the right side of your body, positive energy is activated.

Therefore, if your right upper lip is twitching, it’s thought of as a good omen.

1. Prosperity

One of the most common upper lip twitching superstitions is that good luck and good fortune are headed your way.

If your upper lip on the right side is twitching, it means you’ll soon come across an increase in your income.

However, it’s advised that you keep this increase in wealth to yourself in order to avoid jealousy in others.

2. Improved Relationships with Family Members

Another right upper lip twitching superstition is that you’ll find that your relationships with family members will improve.

If you’re a male, you’ll have improved relationships with the female members of your family such as mothers and sisters. If you’re a female, you’ll have the same with male family members.

3. A Healthy Relationship

If your right upper lip is twitching, one superstition believes that means you’ll soon find love. More than that, it will be with someone who brings positive change to your life.

Right Lower Lip Twitching Superstitions

1. Travel

The right bottom lip twitching is a sign that you’ll come across a travel opportunity.

Whether it’s somewhere near or far, the bottom lip twitching on the right side means the trip will be a fun one that will lead to lasting memories and bring happiness.

2. Loss of Money from Gambling

While the right upper lip twitching is thought to bring financial prosperity, beware if the right lower lip is twitching. It means that you’ll lose money gambling, whether that’s in a casino or on lottery tickets.

Left Upper Lip Twitching Superstitions

Opposite of the right side, the left side of the body activates negative energy. So if your left upper lip is twitching, it’s believed to be a bad omen.

1. Loss

The left upper lip twitching is believed to bring about opposite effects of the right upper lip twitching. So if you feel your left upper lip twitching, instead of prosperity, you’ll suffer loss instead.

You may find additional expenses that drain your bank account or physically lose money.

2. Damaged Relationships with Family Members

If your left upper lip is twitching, it’s thought that you’ll lead your life with anger. This may mean that you’ll get into more arguments and strain relationships with family members.

3. A Breakup

Twitching of your upper lip on the left side may mean your relationship is in danger. Because your actions are rooted in anger, you may find it difficult to settle an argument or become irrational.

Left Lower Lip Twitching Superstitions

1. Destroyed Reputation

If your left lower lip is twitching, it may mean that someone is spreading rumors — or even the truth — about you. Whatever this person is saying has the potential to ruin your reputation.

Upper and Lower Lip Twitching

1. Friendships

If either your upper or lower lip twitches while you’re talking to someone, it’s a good omen. It’s thought to mean that you’ll meet new friends in the near future. You may also run into old friends that you haven’t seen in a while.

However, if both lips twitch at the same time while talking, it means you’ll run into someone you don’t like.

2. A Change in Health Status

If both of your lips are twitching, it’s believed that your health will soon be affected.

This could be a good thing, as in an existing condition getting better or being completely healed, or a bad thing, such as a new diagnosis.

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