5 Tiny Ways To Stop Overthinking Everything You Do

This harmful habit will only make you miserable.

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Overthinking and I share a long history. Thinking obsessively has done little but make me miserable. Now, I do it far less. Here are a few ways to significantly reduce this harmful habit.

Here are 5 tiny ways to stop overthinking everything you do:

1. Internalize that worry is not an effective life-management tool

Most of us worry because a part of us thinks worry is putting us in control of our lives. I get it. I used to worry for England. I did it because it felt productive. But, unfortunately, it is very much the opposite. The heavy volume of thoughts made me feel worse and drained me of energy — the very opposite of what we need to be resourceful. Don’t buy into the idea that worrying does anything positive. It doesn’t.


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2. Reduce caffeine, especially later in the day if night-time worry is a problem

If you’ve had caffeine, you don’t need me to tell you that cortisol production (yes, the stress hormone) will influence the rate at which your thoughts arise and dissipate. Caffeine might help with productivity but at what cost?

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3. Replace worrying thoughts with presence

Be intolerant of anxious, hostile, stress-inducing thoughts. Know that overthinking is making you feel terrible. Why do more of it? It very much is a case of letting go. Most seize a thought because it looks significant. It isn’t. It’s an opinion. We need to develop the skill of gently turning our attention away from upsetting ideas toward the right now.


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4. Understand the vast power of creative wisdom

Beneath our thoughts lies a universal reservoir of creative wisdom. I don’t need to explain it because you know exactly what this is. When you had a brilliant insight in the shower, you experienced it. It didn’t require effort. Likewise, understanding the presence of wisdom means it becomes much easier to let go of our thoughts. This way, we know that a better, wiser thought will be along next without effort. It is here where we are our most resourceful and creative. In other words: it’s okay to think less.

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5. Reduce sugar and processed food

I've found that a toxic gut has a direct link to our inability to allow our thoughts to settle. The combination of bad food and stimulating substances is not a great mix for a still mind. But, again, you know this because it has happened in your life. I’m not saying give up occasional treats, but the more stimulated we are and the more toxic our gut, the harder it is to enjoy a settled and creative mind.


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If you knew that a few shifts would significantly decrease overthinking and maximize performance, would you do something about it?

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.