7 Tiny Behavior Changes That Will Put You In Top 2% Of People

For those who need stability in this chaotic world.

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the world is not predictable.

There is no one place you can reliably settle and know with confidence that life won’t go south at any point.

This is not for everyone, but if you want long-term security, freedom, the option to live how you want, and your sanity intact, you need to read this.

Here are 8 tiny behavior changes that will put you in the top 2% of people:

1. Think mobile.

Start getting comfortable with living more than ten miles from your parents.


The planet is pretty spacious.

You need to start wrapping your head around leaving, being footloose, flexible, and developing self-reliance.

2. Live light.

We live in an age that rewards those who don’t own a ton of stuff they have to keep lugging around.

Make like Marie Kondo and drop anything that doesn’t spark joy. But more importantly, let go of unnecessary belongings so you can scram should you need to get out of dodge.

You need to think like a soldier.

If you do need heavy items, arrange for storage and lean towards leasing as much as you can.

Everything I own fills two large bags.



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3. Maintain a healthy mind.

Nowhere is safe if you can’t manage your mind.

This is solvable and learnable. It starts with physical fitness and sleep.

Next, you need to master letting go of unhelpful thoughts, so you can power forward in bold action.

4. Create remote income.

If you’re to live flexibly and not be tied to any one place, you need location-independent income streams.

I’ve lived in several countries, maintained a remote income for the last 12 years, and loved every aspect of this freedom.

This is becoming more possible with remote working for companies, but even that is too rigid.

To rely on a single boss, who could drop you at any moment, over having multiple clients or customers is a far higher risk.


Learn a skill you can do anywhere, like copywriting, sales, web design, life coaching, consulting, teaching workshops, editing, research, etc.

Over time, you want to develop multiple streams for added security.

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5. Live in multiple locations.

Getting geographically ‘settled’ is a thing of the past if you’re a sane person at this age.

We’re going through a paradigm shift in which being long-term bound to any one place puts you in a vulnerable position.

I am a British national currently based with a ten-year residency in Poland to set up multiple residencies in places like Dubai, Asia, and Armenia in the coming years.


No one place is ever truly safe.

Eight Things You Can Do To Be In The Top 2% Of People In A Chaotic World

Photo: Porapak Apichodilok/Pexels

6. Build an audience.

One of the best assets you can build in this age is an online following, ideally in the form of newsletter subscribers — an asset you fully own.

These people will become clients, buy your products, provide reviews and feedback, give you a sofa to sleep on in a foreign land, mentor you, collaborate on joint ventures, and show up to your random barbecue in a strange city.


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7. Become physically elite.

If you’re to remain energetically footloose and mentally astute for as long as possible, it's time to free yourself from the average masses and transcend.

Push through the resistance barrier that conformity forces on you.

You need to overcompensate in a world gone limp, to rise above groupthink, and truly flourish.



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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.