5 Things You Can Tell About A Man Just By Looking At His Fingers

Wanna know a man's secrets? Pay attention to his hands.

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You can tell a lot about men by their fingers, and not just if they're married, or if they have the bad habit of biting their nails.

Some people believe that you can read fingers the way you would read a palm — the stronger the finger, the stronger the characteristic, the softer the hand, the more likely to stay faithful, etc.

Some hands even have what is considered a love line, that will tell you many things about your future relationship, like whether or not you'll ever get married, and for how long and when. So of course you can tell a lot about a man by looking at his fingers.


For instance, if your thumb is strong, then you're driven to succeed; if it's your ring finger that's strong, you're very creative and like to be in the spotlight. If you want to make sure your man is career-driven, challenge him to thumb-wrestling.

An article on Medical Daily explains the five things a man's fingers can reveal about him, both medically and physically. Do any of these ring true for you?

Here are 5 things you can tell about a man just by looking at his fingers:

1. The size of his penis

Yep, you can tell a man's penis size from his fingers — his index finger to be specific. The length of his second finger corresponds with the size of his penis.


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2. The masculinity of his face

Not sure why you can't just look at his face to know how masculine or feminine it is, but OK.

The ratio between a man's index and ring finger (referred to as the 2D:4D ratio) can indicate the masculinity of his facial features. The bigger the difference in the 2D:4D ratio, the more masculine.

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3. His sexual orientation

Gay men and women show a smaller ratio difference than straight men or women, implying that sexual orientation may be determined before birth.

4. His responsiveness to anti-tumor drugs

If your hands are evenly shaped, then you may respond better than those with unevenly shaped hands to anti-tumor drugs, especially those used in conjunction with treating prostate cancer.


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5. If there's any indication of aortic stiffness

Arterial stiffness is one of the earliest detectable manifestations of adverse and functional changes within the vessel wall.

So now, when a man puts his hands on the table, he's not just being direct with you; he's telling you some very intimate details about his health.


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