7 Tiny Things To Do In The Morning To Feel Great For The Rest Of Your Day

Get up and get going.

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Ever feel like you’re getting in your way? Perhaps a handful of ideas can help you shift out of this unhelpful mindset, so you get back on track quickly.

Here are 7 tiny things you can do in the morning to feel great for the rest of your day:

1. Forgive your past self

There will always be a weight on our shoulders if we can’t let go of something we did in the past. We must forgive ourselves to live a more enjoyable and expressive present life. Identify what you have trouble forgiving, then journal through to understanding. This means listing out all the rational (at the time) reasons why you did what you did. Self-love appears when you understand yourself better.

@stephaniehson Lessons learned from a lifetime of getting in my own way and then studying research to figure out how to overcome it 🙂 hope this helps you! #motivation #growth #goals ♬ original sound - Stephanie Harrison

2. List 20 things you love about yourself

Treat this as a fun exercise to lift your spirits. Write a glowing list of all the stuff that you love about yourself — those things you can admire yourself for. Those things that we can forget to acknowledge as we rush through life. This is a list you can refer to whenever you feel down.


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3. Accept your physical self

Many of us have trouble accepting aspects of our physical selves, and we can fall into the trap of treating ourselves poorly, which makes this cycle worse. First, you need to find a way to look at yourself in the mirror and find some empathy for who you are and what makes you different. From here, you’re better positioned to build on what you have and improve your health from a place of honest, loving energy.

4. Do one hard thing

A lot of negative energy surrounds avoidance. When we have things we know we need to do but keep procrastinating on doing them, the pressure of ‘should’ grows heavy. Find one thing you’ve been neglecting, and commit to setting aside time to do it today, even if it takes just five minutes. There’s little that feels better than getting on top of a task you were dreading.

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5. List 20 achievements

Write another list, but this time we’re focused on achievements. Of course, an ‘achievement’ is subjective, so you can write down anything you are personally proud of. This is for you, not for anyone else.

6. Accept your situation

It may seem empowering to resist and worry and clench our teeth about the situation we find ourselves in. But resisting reality only weakens us and clouds our minds with unhelpful thoughts. The first step in finding solutions to anything troubling is to be honest with what’s happening. Accept it. It is what it is. Relax into it. From a relaxed place, we can get to work with a far higher level of performance and focus.

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7. Decide to win in something 

A high vibe of energy will always come with bold and exciting commitments. Few of us make true commitments, and if we do, they’re not colorful, exciting, or ‘ridiculous’ enough. Commit to something that frightens you a little. Go big so you can get excited about winning something that enlivens your soul. To be any less excited about what’s possible is to not only sell yourself short ... it denies the world your power too.


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