How To Forgive, Let Go, And Move On For A Peaceful, Happy Life

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How To Forgive, Let Go, And Move On For A Peaceful, Happy Life

The key to true happiness in life is forgiveness. But you know that it's not always easy to forgive.

Are you having trouble with letting go, moving on, and forgiving someone so you can move forward?

In fact, you can learn how to let go of the past and move on, so you can take back your life!

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Free yourself from burden.

You've probably already realized that forgiveness is for you, not for the other person. It's not condoning what they did — it's freeing yourself from that heavy burden.

Forgiveness is by no means saying, "It's okay." Forgiveness is saying, "I'm not gonna let this harbor inside me and hurt me anymore."

Put the past in perspective.

Keeping the bigger picture in mind — that all of us have already made pretty much every kind of bad mistake we can in our many lives — can help put things in perspective.

Knowing we have all been where that person is at some point, even though it may seem unfathomable right now, can make it easier to move forward.

See yourself in that person, and let that help you to see them through a less-angry lens.

Everyone will always have consequences for their actions.

There is no way to escape our consequences, so they will have to settle that karma at some point.

When they cross over, they will feel every ounce of pain they caused you exactly as you felt it.

So, let go of any need to make them pay — that's not in your hands. Let go of that burden — you don't have to be the judge and jury.

And if you do seek revenge, that will only give you karma you will have to face — it's never worth it.

You don't have to be around this person if you think you shouldn't. But what you do need to do is let it go, because it is only hurting you — not them.

Don't feed them more energy. 

Thinking and replaying it actually feeds them energy and gives them attention, which I'm sure is not what you want to do.

You may not truly know how to forget something they've done to hurt you. Trying to understand where they were coming from can also cause breakthroughs towards forgiveness.

Put yourself in their shoes.

Factor in all the circumstances and where they are and have been in life.

When we know better, we do better. If their consciousness isn't there, they just don't fully understand their actions.

Another thing to keep in mind on an even deeper level (which can sometimes be hard to understand on Earth) is that we are all one.

So, their mistake is your mistake, and you forgiving them is also you forgiving yourself.

Find something — anything — where you can relate to this person in some way. Finding similarities can help shatter the walls between you, which humanizes them more.

Is there any element of judgment you have towards this person?

Judgment usually comes from our own insecurities about ourselves. Know that this person is right where they are supposed to be based on their choices at this moment.

Judging their choices isn't up to us.

We all have free will to make our choices and judging others on their free will won't get you anywhere.

Any time you feel like you are judging someone, turn it inwards instead.

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Think to yourself: Is that something you do that you wish you didn't, and that's why it's striking a chord in you?

When we are above something, it can't affect us. So, look deeply at why it is affecting you.

Focus on what you can control.

Instead, focus on what you can do in your own life to make changes to make you happy.

You can't live anyone else's life for them. So, always focus on yourself and what you can do differently.

Getting distracted by others and worrying about their lives just takes you off your own path. So look for that, notice it, and turn things back to yourself.

Always turn things back to you and take control.

If a person is hurting you, take control and get them out of your life. Know that you always have power over yourself.

Your choices attracted this person. Nothing ever just happens to us — we create it.

Look into and change whatever you need to.

Knowing you always have the power and taking steps to prevent similar wrongdoing in the future can help you to feel secure and move forward.

Can you have better boundaries in the future? Think that through and implement it going forward.

Protect yourself from more wrongs, but don't put a shell up so that you can't let any good things in as well.

A wall up to protect you not only protects you from letting the bad in, but also any good.

Walls also can attract more bad because you are telling the universe you need protection. You create your life, so circumstances you need protection from will materialize. 

But once you learn how to stop negative thoughts from hindering your path to forgiveness, you learn how to move on from the past.

So, leave all of that in the past and focus on what changes you can make to move forward and be happy. Sitting in what happened in the past will only block you from moving forward.

Once you release that, you will be open to new opportunities going forward.

Remind yourself that you have probably made that same mistake in a past life, that not everyone is in the same place in their journey as you, and that is perfect.

Forgiving and moving forward is better for your soul, so don't worry about theirs! We can only control our own lives.

You can do this! Focus on creating your best life and leave the past there.

You will feel so much better!

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