7 Types Of Tattoos Men Can't Stand On Women

Men weigh in on the body art they don't necessarily love.

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Tattoos are becoming more and more mainstream. A 2017 Harris Poll found that about 30 percent of Americans have tattoos, up from 20 percent in 2012. If you are a Millennial, that number rises to 47 percent.

Depending on which particular study you cite, it looks as if women have taken over men as the sex most likely to have a tattoo. They are fun, they are colorful and some of them are just mind-blowing, but they do hurt.


Lots of men love women with ink. However, while there are definitely cool tats, some just make guys roll their eyes and want to walk in the opposite direction. Here are seven types of tattoos men hate, no matter how hot you are.

Here are 7 types of tattoos men can't stand on women:

1. Dolphins

We get it. You like dolphins. Who doesn’t? But seriously, you love them so much that you have to get them permanently ingrained in your skin? Yeah, you want to be seen as peaceful and earth loving.


I get it that “I just feel a deep connection to the sea and dolphins are just so smart.” But you basically come across as an unoriginal cliché. Men are so annoyed by these tattoos that there’s even a shirt for it on Zazzle.

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2. Chinese/Japanese characters

OMG, the Chinese/Japanese character tattoo is just so overplayed. I understand the fascination with Eastern culture and the desire to look worldly. I won’t go down the “cultural appropriation” wormhole, but if you’re a Midwestern sorority girl and the closest you’ve come to Kanji is your local Asian fusion restaurant, take a hard pass on these tats.

Plus, most likely, you will have no idea what you are actually getting! Your “dream” tattoo might actually say “chicken noodle.”


3. Lower back tattoo AKA Tramp Stamp

Ah, the ubiquitous tramp stamp. This was basically the tattoo and location that ushered in a whole new era for female tattoos. Firstly, getting a tat where you’ll never see it doesn’t really back up your whole “I got it just for me!” tirade. Secondly, this is the least original type of tattoo you could get.

What it says to guys is “I want to appear edgy but I probably got this while drunk with my sorority sisters/ex-boyfriend/trashy mom.” Not exactly the kind of impression you want to make with your new guy.

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4. Inspirational quotes

Yes, we all love quotes, even guys. And though we love our Vince Lombardi sports quotes, you won’t catch many self-respecting guys getting it inked on their rib cage. Also, if you are getting some version of words that I can buy as a sticker or sign at Ikea or HomeGoods, it’s time to up your creativity game.


I know that obscure Nietzsche quote makes you feel deep and profound, but it gives off the impression of flakiness with a whiff of a poser.

5. Finger mustaches

“Look at me! See how ironic I can be with my 1920s handlebar mustache finger tattoo. It shows that while I don’t want my tattoo to be the first thing that people notice about me, I can casually hold it up so that I can act surprised when you notice and I can talk about ‘the irony of being unironic.’

This tat also highlights my throwback sense of style, my disdain for traditional gender roles, and my desire to occasionally mask myself in pop culture frivolity if only to highlight the transient nature of fads.” — heard no guy ever because he walked away midway through the second sentence.

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6. Neck or face tattoo

Nope. Just... nope. Unless you are Maori, then rock your haka, if not then maybe stay away from this one.

7. Belly button tats

Nothing says, “I didn’t really think out the rest of my life” like a belly button tattoo. I know that not every woman wants a baby, and that’s cool.

But aside from bad planning, what this tattoo says to a guy is, “I definitely don’t want kids and if I decide to change my mind which is my total right then I am totally okay with having a stretched-out, malformed tattoo on me leading the way wherever I go.” It’s really not the best first impression you want to make.


And let me make a caveat: if you have a belly button tattoo to cover up a C-section scar or something similar, that’s totally fine. Unless you’re planning on having more babies and then plan on continuing to get cover-up tattoos.

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