Tarot Card Reader Reveals What Actually Happens To Men Who Discard Good Women — 'That's How Karma Works'

What goes around comes around!

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Some of us are unfortunate enough to experience the pain of being in love with someone whose ego is bigger than their heart. These individuals often have no plans of commitment and make false promises to keep us around while they hop from person to person so that they can maintain their “freedom.”

However, they may just be manifesting exactly what they always feared as a consequence of their actions.


One woman went on to describe how karma will strike men who drag good women through the mud, and her theory gave many women who have been played a sense of peace.

The tarot card reader explained that a man’s deepest fears about commitment will come to life when he discards a good woman.

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 1 million times, Chinez Madueke, a tarot card reader, gave viewers a glimpse of “how karma really works” in hopes of protecting them from making poor decisions and having negative outcomes.

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She delved into an example — a man who does not want a committed relationship yet continues to toy with women and lead them to believe that he does.

“Let’s say that you have a man, and this man fears commitment,” Madueke said. “As a result of him fearing  commitment, particularly in relationships, he meets women and discards them.”

She explained that the man usually repeats this pattern until he finds a woman he cannot quite get out of his mind and someone whom he feels a deep connection with.

“But he continues to fear commitment, and he continues to allow his ego to dominate his life,” Madueke explained. “As a result, he ends up treating the woman he never wanted poorly all so that he can save what he thinks is his freedom.” 


But rest assured — Madueke asserted that man will eventually get what he deserves.

“He will knock up his karma, and this woman will be the worst,” she said. “She will run him ragged for the rest of his life.”

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Despite trying to outrun commitment, he will ironically now be in a commitment for the rest of his life. Nothing quite ties you down like children do!

“You still manifest everything you fear because you lost the good woman in the process,” Madueke pointed out to men who behave this way. “That’s how karma works.”

She also noted that narcissistic people tend to live long lives, and karma will be with them for as long as possible.

“They never know a day of happiness. Ever,” she said. “They get to be happy for like two seconds half the time, and then their ego is depleted once more, and they never know joy.” 

Chinez hoped that her message would reach the right people.


“If you’re running from your issues, just know your issues run faster, and they will always end up coming full circle whether you like it or not.”

While there is no guarantee that a man uninterested in commitment who mistreats women will eventually get one pregnant and be committed for life, karma has a way of making its way around to people who have deeply hurt others.

It is okay if you are not interested in a committed relationship. Everybody has their own relationship preferences.

However, it is not okay to make false promises to a person who wants a serious relationship and lead them to believe that you are on board while you are out cheating on them.


So if you’ve been heartbroken by a selfish man and are plotting some astounding revenge on him, rest assured that you do not have to lift a finger.

He just might find himself on the receiving end of karma for the rest of his days.

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