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Woman Lets Cheating Boyfriend Think She's Been Unfaithful To Get Back At Him — 'I've Mentally Checked Out Of Our Relationship'

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After a woman discovered that her partner cheating on her multiple times, she decided to play the ultimate mind game with him as revenge. Her actions have the Internet praising her for putting her unfaithful partner in his place.

The woman let her cheating boyfriend believe that she was unfaithful to him with a coworker.

Sharing her story to the subreddit, "r/AmITheButtface", the 30-year-old woman revealed that she got together with her 35-year-old boyfriend eight years ago, and they have two children together. Recently, she discovered that he’d cheated on her “in every sense possible” (emotionally, physically).

“To say I was heartbroken would be a gross understatement,” she wrote. “In the midst of our relationship, we've moved three states away from my home state, to live in his home state when our daughter was eight months old.”

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Additionally, the woman’s boyfriend dealt with substance abuse, is careless with money, and does little to help out with the kids. Despite being in a relationship, the woman has never felt so alone, dealing with two miscarriages and knowing that her boyfriend would offer her little to no support.

“Quite often I have to be the responsible one always thinking about what the kids or our household needs. I'm EXHAUSTED,” she admitted. She also revealed that she has “mentally checked out” of the relationship.

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After the woman’s boyfriend was fired from his job, she wound up getting a new one that she thankfully loves, even though her boyfriend does not approve. “He can't stand me being happy,” she wrote.

The woman decided to get revenge by making her boyfriend think she's been cheating on him.

Recently, the woman’s company held an employee movie night that she participated in, but discovered that she was in the wrong attire on her way there. “I needed a pair of pants because I had ripped jeans on, but my house is 30 minutes in the opposite direction and I was already close to the location of the movie,” she shared.

Thankfully, her co-worker let her borrow a pair of sweatpants. After the woman returned home from the movie night, her cheating boyfriend demanded to know whose pants she was wearing and accused her of being unfaithful.

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“[He] insinuated that I was sleeping with said coworker,” the woman wrote. Instead of telling her boyfriend that he was mistaken, she decided to play along with his accusations to tease him.

“I laughed because it was outrageous to insinuate that I would EVER cheat,” she shared. “I walked away not caring how he felt because as I’ve said I’m just done.” However, the woman cannot help but wonder if she was wrong for making her boyfriend believe that she was cheating when it was not true.

People commended the woman for her decision, especially after all of the trouble her boyfriend put her through.

“I don't understand how guys like this end up even finding partners like you. Good luck moving forward... I'm sorry this happened to you,” one user commented. “Cheaters always think the worst of those around them,” another user pointed out.

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The woman followed up with her original post revealing that she has since left her boyfriend.

“I did leave, we had a talk and I finally stood up for myself and maturely said what I needed to say, got a place for just the three of us,” she reported. “I assure you things are moving in the right direction as far as the kids and I. I already got both kids in a summer camp to ease them into being a one-parent household.”

In relationships, making your partner think you cheated as a way to get revenge is completely unhealthy. Good relationships are built on trust, after all, and an act like this can break that trust and damage the partnership.

But in this case, it seems this woman's relationship was toxic from the beginning. It's a good thing she managed to leave the situation before things got even worse.

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