Strong Girls Get Revenge By Walking Away — For Good

Once we're gone, we're gone.

woman walking away Petrenko Andriy / Shutterstock

A lot of women will talk a big game about leaving a sucky relationship. 

Over a glass of red wine, they'll get all worked up with their friends about how they deserve better and how they aren't going to take it anymore. In the heat of the moment (and with help of a little drunken confidence), they make a mental decision that enough is enough. Sometimes, they even send an incriminating text. 

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But in the cold, sober light of day, they change their minds, driving their friends (and their almost ex-boyfriend) totally crazy. Because no one likes a girl who can't make a damn decision.

This back and forth, yes-I-will, no-I-won't kind of behavior will have you running in emotional circles until your boyfriend gets fed up and leaves. Then you're even more desperate to hang on because even though deep down you really did want to break up with him, you wanted to be the one doing the breaking up.

Emotions cloud your judgment and delude logical ways of thinking. Though you know you shouldn't be with a guy who ditches you on literally every plan you make, you can't help the way you feel when he shows up at your apartment unannounced with a bouquet of roses. Just like the movies. 


Strong women become strong because they learn how to take feelings out of the equation. They put their hearts on hold for a few minutes to figure out if they're being treated the way they want to be treated — and they do this all the time. 

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If you're a naturally emotional person, this is hard. This is why it helps to have a friend. 

It's crucial to recruit a break-up buddy if you're not feeling strong enough to do it on your own. Someone who can listen to all the crazy, emotional BS you're throwing at them and come back at you with pure logic. This person is not only responsible for helping you break up with a guy but also for keeping you from going back to him in moments of weakness or from learning how to get revenge on a guy.


These friends should be available for phone calls and ice cream binges 24/7. It's basically a full-time job. 


As a formerly overemotional sissy, I can confidently say this method works. My breakup buddy is my mom, and having her by my side during the toughest heartbreaks has helped me learn how to handle the dumping on my own. 

You become a strong woman by relying on other strong women. 

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Eventually, with enough practice (and thanks to Tinder, you'll get plenty of that), you'll learn to recognize your own breaking points before you break. You'll draw your own lines and kick out anyone who crosses them — and you'll do so without a second, emotional thought. 


So yes, get drunk with your friends and break up with the guy. But don't let them leave you sober and alone with your phone the next morning.

Emily Blackwood covers pop culture, true crime, dating, and relationships.